Lohan will never be the face of Louis !

  1. August 3, 2007 -- Lindsay Lohan, who vanished after her arrest 10 days ago and is said to be confined at a California rehab - possibly the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage - was once in the running to be the new face of Louis Vuitton. But after a disastrous Elle magazine shoot two months ago, the luxury line will no longer even lend her clothes. "Louis Vuitton had sent over some samples for her to wear in the shoot," said a snitch. "Lindsay, kept shoving the clothes into her bag, and a stylist's assistant kept getting them out of the bag, only to have Lindsay keep trying to take them. She ended up walking off with a very expensive shirt and some other items - which screwed Louis Vuitton because they were set to go to Vogue, W and Harper's Bazaar for other shoots. They were furious and kept trying to get their clothes back, but . . . Lindsay walked out with them and never returned calls." The issue hits stands today, in which she's asked about the photo shoot and replies, "I wanted everything. There was this Cartier watch, and I was like, 'What do I have to do to get this watch?' " Reps for Louis Vuitton, Elle and Lohan didn't return calls.


    Why why must celebs do this ?! JLo did the same thing for her Vuitton shoot and worked herself into the bad books. :rolleyes: Oh well, still hilarious !
  2. :rolleyes: It's not like she can't afford it! Glad to hear she'll NEVER be the face of Louis Vuitton, thank goodness! She's not classy enough to be, anyway!
  3. Oh my... why do celebs think they can do this?
    Don't they make enough money to buy the stuff?
  4. see what LV does to a girl? haha..
    kidding aside, she can afford to buy whatever she wants, she just wanted to have it right then because she has an impulsive and addictive personality.
  5. Yay!!! :yahoo:
  6. Trying to pull a "Winona" haha
  7. yes, I would not want to see her in an LV ad.
  8. LOL!! I dont think they would use her anyway with all of the drama going on. Sad she couldnt offer to pay for the items or just wait. spoiled brat. lol
  9. ITA! she is not classy enough to be the face of louis vuitton!
  10. This might be like the JLo incident which Marc Jacobs said was untrue. Oh well, I don't like her anyways...
  11. My feelings exactly!
  12. Hmmm maybe the items were exclusive and just can't be bought at the store? So she figured I have to steal them!!! Ohh well glad she won't be the face of LV with the way she acts she doesn't deserve it anways.
  13. I can't believe LV would even CONSIDER her for anything!

  14. ITA! I'd be so p*ssed off if she was... it would ruin LV's image.
  15. What a brat.