Lohan The Liar !!!

  1. Lohan the liar

    It looks like Lindsay Lohan's nose may be growing after she revealed that she makes us stories about her love life all the time to fool the press.

    The flame-haired actress has been romantically linked to sexy celebrities such as Colin Farrell, Jared Leto, Jamie Burke and Ryan Adams.

    'I say things that aren't true a lot... If I was dating one person [I'd] probably tell them I was dating someone else and then I'd call my friend and be like, 'do you mind if I say that we're dating?' , ' the 20-year-old actress told Elle magazine.

    And it doesn't look as if Lindsay is at all worried about the reputation she may get and claims she hopes to keep playing the field.

    'If I'm going to give my body to someone, I'd rather them not be with other people, but I want to be able to [date] if I like someone else,' she said.

    'I don't think I've had enough experience with dating one guy for a long time,' the 'Mean Girls' star concluded.

    Lohan also said this week that one of her dreams for the future is to be able to visit the troops in Iraq with Hillary Clinton.

    'Stop writing about me and start writing about how people are dying overseas for our country,' she demanded.


    I guess we should give her some credit for her last sentence.
  2. Can I throw up now?
  3. I like how she tries to dodge bullets by bringing up Iraq..

    Lindsay, put that boobie away...!
  4. I do not like this girl. I don't really know her at all to not like her- but I don't. And her interview.... erhhhh who says that?! Nice plug at the end... Lindsay is now little Miss Politics?!
  5. :nuts: :roflmfao:
  6. I feel exactly the same way.
  7. What bugs me the most is my 6 year old daughter LOVES her. Of course she thinks of her as "Herbie" girl, but she looks up to her! Blech!
  8. .....and then after that, do Bill Clinton and make "Herbie and Lindsey: Fully "Loaded" the sequel!"
  9. What the!? :wtf: Okay, and this is a serious question, but does anyone else read that sentence and think "sl*t"? I mean maybe I'm viewing this wrong, maybe shes just into harmless, open relationships but she just irks me with comments like that.
  10. And she also says those boobs aren't fake! Yeah, ok Lindsey. Whatever you say sweetie!

  11. I thought the same. ;)
  12. not a good role model IMO
  13. Fame has gotten to this girl BIG TIME!! I don't like her at all!!
  14. This girl will one day flop.
  15. I used to like her.. but FAME seems to change her alot! pitty!