Lohan Sued Over Beverly Hills Car Crash

  1. Oh geez!
  2. Why on earth didn't she offer to pay the damages before it was dragged into court.
  3. that girl is getting weirder and crazier.
  4. I don't even care anymore...
  5. the stupidy of some of these chicks astounds me.....
  6. I find this fishy. If she hit their van in 2005, why are they only persuing the matter NOW?
  7. hmmm very interesting I wonder what the outcome would be?
  8. Wow its not even that much either, I hope shes refusing to pay on principle (if she isn't guilty of it) and not just because she forgot or thought she could get away with it.
  9. CA has a two year statute of limitations for personal injury and property damage claims. They obviously tried to get her to pay for the damages, and she ignored them... so they filed now, before the statute runs out and their claim is legally barred.

    it's a tiny amount of $$ too.... she should have just written them a check. Not like she can't afford it.