Lohan need hospital treatment!!!

  1. She was taken by private car Tuesday to a Los Angeles area hospital coz was overcome by the heat on a movie set. She spent several hours being treated for overheating and dehydration in that hospital. Lohan was filming in 105degree weather for 12 hours!!! Tuesday, Zelnick, Lohan's publicist said. The actress was given a vitamin B-12 shot and released.

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    Source: celebritywonder.com
  2. That's what happens when you're skinny like that and stuck in hot weather. Look at Nicole Ritchie, she passed out this week too. Get these girls out of the sun!
  3. She's also probably not getting enough sleep from all her clubbing at night. Seriously, it's got to take it's toll eventually!
  4. Wow, I've never heard of any celebrity being hospitalized more than her! She'll get a small cut on her finger and it becomes a huge deal...and she has to be rushed to the hospital and then it gets leaked to the media. :rolleyes:
  5. I was just about to say wasn't she hospitalized quite a few times before? i remembered once was due to exhaustion.
  6. All these celebrities that get hospitalized for exhaustion, dehydration, et cetera kind of make me wonder if that's really the case or it's some other issue their publicists are trying to cover up.
  7. I hope that Lindsay is okay. It seems like she needs to eat more. Then again the weather was really hot!
  8. 12 hours in 105 degree, even jolie might've faint
    give her a break girls...
  9. Not just that elong, how about some food and juice?
  10. poor girl
  11. I miss the old Lindsey Lohan...
  12. She looks gorgeous in that first pic!
    Priobably due to the heat why she was hospitalized...i think half the problem is they eat too little and do too much!
    I've read that many of these celebrities get by on just an apple a day and lots of water, so it's no wonder they end up suffering:rolleyes:
  13. She has asthma and has smoked,I heard her mother say that on tv a few weeks ago.
  14. I know I am well fed and healthy and the heat gets me too.. sometimes I feel like I could pass out... so I am giving her a break. But I do hope she is taking good care of herself- and I do think if she still is partying like she has, she needs to take it easy when she has such a tough schedule
  15. Exhaustion? Is that what they're calling coke nowadays?