Lohan, Murphy lead race for Hollywood's worst

  1. AFP - 1 hour 2 minutes ago
    LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Actors Lindsay Lohan and Eddie Murphy led nominations Monday for the "Golden Raspberry" awards, singling out Hollywood's worst movie performances from the past year.
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    The organization which runs the light-hearted annual Oscars spoof, nominated Lohan for a "Razzie," as the award is affectionately called, for her starring role in "I Know Who killed Me," a horror film which she plays psychically connected twins.
    The critic-panned flick also received Razzie nominations as 2007's worst picture, screenplay, director and worst screen couple -- for Lohan's turn appearing opposite herself in the film.
    Lohan, 21, made her name appearing in such popular movies as "The Last Show," "Mean Girls" and "Freaky Friday," but has had a dry spell of critically acclaimed performances coinciding with her recent appearance in the tabloids and at exclusive detoxification centers.
    Meanwhile, Eddie Murphy received a record five Razzie nods in one year for his politically-incorrect "Norbit," about a nerd who meets the love of his life, but who rather inconveniently is married to another woman -- also played by Murphy -- who happens to be grossly obese.
    The veteran funnyman was dishonored with nominations for worst actor, supporting actor, actress, worst on-screen couple, and worst screenplay.
    Murphy had received a best supporting actor nomination last year for his supporting role in "Dreamgirls," but some observers said his hopes of winning the award were torpedoed by his association with the dreadful "Norbit" project.
    Other nominees for the un-coveted Razzies award, which was created in 1980, included "Bratz" and "Daddy Day Camp" for worst picture, and "Silence of the Lambs" sequel "Hannibal Rising" in the new category "Worst Excuse For A Horror Movie."
    Winners of the Razzies rarely show up to collect their prize -- a gold spray-painted plastic statuette in the shape of a raspberry -- which organizers say are worth as much as four dollars and 89 cents.


    Eddie Murphy in a fat suit was only funny in The Nutty Professor. Then it got old.

    Halle Berry won one for Catwoman and she showed up to collect it! I thought that was amazing. Her reasoning: If someone bothers to give me an award, I should bother to show up for it.