Lohan May Dodge The World's Biggest Bullet!

  1. Lohan May Dodge the World's Biggest Bullet

    Posted Aug 21st 2007 7:40PM by TMZ Staff
    Filed under: Celebrity Justice, Lindsay Lohan
    [​IMG]Law enforcement sources tell TMZ there is a "strong possibility" the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office will NOT file felony charges against Lindsay Lohan in connection with her two DUI arrests.

    We're told charges may be filed tomorrow, and the D.A. is leaning toward rejecting three possible felonies. Sources say the D.A. almost certainly will not file cocaine charges in connection with her DUI bust Memorial Day weekend in Beverly Hills.

    As for her July 24 arrest in Santa Monica, the D.A. could charge her with felony cocaine possession, and bringing cocaine into a correctional facility -- also a felony. But we're told that the D.A. is inclined not to file those felony charges either.

    That basically leaves misdemeanor DUI charges for both incidents. If Lohan is found guilty of both, she'd have to serve a minimum of four days in jail, and that beats prison, baby!

    And we're told Lohan's mega-lawyer Blair Berk and prosecutors have been talking a lot and that spells a possible plea bargain.

    Here's what's for sure: If Lohan is not charged with a felony, she is not required to attend Friday's arraignment. If that's the case, put money on it -- Lindsay will be a no show.
  2. LA's DA is an idiot if they don't charge the felonies. Maybe there's some deferred agreement going on here ... ??
  3. Two DUIs doesn't equal a felony??!?? Bullsh*t.
  4. How is she not getting a felony charge?? Where is Paris Hilton? Shes going to be MAD.
  5. my sentiments exactly pursegrrl!
  6. How is it she is not getting busted for the coke in her pocket?
  7. Seriously, celebrities get away with alot of stuff...this is not fair.
  8. Celebrity treatment:mad:
  9. Are you kidding me? If they actually bypass her then this just proves how corupt the government can be at times.

    It's one thing that she was caught driving under the influence but have they forgotten that they found C-O-C-A-I-N-E in her pants?? Ya know.. the illegal drug?
  10. how does she keep getting out this stuff? its so sick.
  11. Ugh, this annoys me to no end. She just keeps going to rehab and then is right back to partying. Why would they not charge her with a felony??
  12. :censor:
  13. I don't understand. Why isn't she going to be charged with a felony?
  14. :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:
    SUCH BS.