Lohan doesn't care for her bags

  1. She treats them so horribly!!

    Look below for the sticker on her luxury chanel.


    And if this Dior isnt supposed to look like this (unlike this one), then it looks dirty. Hope that made sense!
  2. you should see the picures of her Hermes blue jean- so dirty at the bottom!!!Yuck
  3. well she has SO many bags and clothes, she obviously doesn't realize the value of each of them. sigh.... she just doesn't know any better.
  4. Omg!!!
  5. lol well...if she has all that damn $ im sure she just throws her stuff around like its nothin!!!
  6. See that sticker stuck on her Chanel is making me a queasy. I can't help but imagine the sticker being removed and seeing the traces of gooey glue all over the leather. :throwup:
  7. she'll definitely need some goo-gone from home depot haha can't believe she stuck an ugly sticker on that gorgeous bag.
  8. ugh!
  9. Lol..it just shows what happens when you have a ton of money and you buy things to use them a couple times, not to last forever.
  10. Lets hope her knickers are clean. :nuts:
  11. I know she "shares" bags with other actresses. I forgot who. They probably dont belong to her. Her stylists bring them to her. EW, she should NEVER carry such a dirty bag though.
  12. What ashame. I can't imagine treating my bags like that. I treasure them too much.
  13. The celebs get lots of free stuff from the designers so that's why they don't care too much. :sad:
  14. OMG, ok girls, I defenitely hate this girl, it's now official!
    such a b:censor:, stupid skinny girl, damned damned!

    :flowers: love you girls, sorry for the bad word!
  15. I love that Chanel:love: