Lohan boxing...

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  1. Lohan Boxing - Google Video

    Granted, she's looking better these days. But still, she is a super whore when it comes to media attention. :rolleyes:
  2. hmmm....I can't view the pictures.
  3. That's because Just Jared loads extremely slowly, or not at all.
  4. Bikini boxing just doesn't look right with her....
  5. OMG i have to put this link on Celebrity Boobs oops ! thread!
  6. Her boobs look like they aren't even moving- LOL!!! But hell, she looks fabulous!!! Gotta give the girl credit- she can work it, and look fab!
  7. She's a super whore period.:P
  8. Oh, I was just cringing thinking about if my every move was on film!:shocked: And if I boxed in a bikini-oh, the wiggles and jiggles!:yucky:
    I agree with you Vlad, but 'ya gotta give it to Miss LL- she looks pretty darn good...
  9. she does look better than before. i like her. but not loves!
  10. Love her...she has her own sense of style. we should not forget that she is quite young as well.
  11. I can't stand her though she does look good. Then again, it is much easier to look good at 19 -- metabolism and gravity are still on your side.
  12. Could she not find an outfit more appropriate for boxing than a triangle bikini where her boobs look like they are going to pop out the sides???
  13. Hmmm... she looks good. I didn't know she was so muscular. She looks good.
  14. She looks great!!!:nuts: