Lohan and perf speedy

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  1. LiLo is sporting a perf speedy.

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  2. Curse that LiLo and her giant bag collection ! Green with jealousy here !
  3. Yeah, her bag collection is insane!
  4. We should get her to join the forum!
  5. LiLo is like Barbie. She has everything!
  6. Although I think Barbie weighs more than LiHo!
  7. LOL. No kidding!:lol:
  8. She should starts a "Rent my bags" business :LOL
  9. Is that a perforated Speedy 30?
  10. What vice would you give up to have 1/10 of all of Lilo's bags? I would definitely be willing to give up smoking AND alcohol :sick:
  11. uggghhh i hate her! she has the most amazing bag collection, so jealous

  12. it is certainly a perf speedy 30!
  13. That girl has everything! :nuts:
  14. I've read fashion articles saying that Marc Jacobs wants Lindsay Lohan to be the new face of Fall/Winter Louis Vuitton Collection. Lately.....she's been wearing a lot Louis Vuitton stuff........from clothes to bags. If you're thinking that she bought those stuff........think again. The stuff are free and were delivered to her house.

    Celebrities do receive free designer stuff. Watch The Newlyweds where Jessica gets a free Salvatore Ferragamo and LV Monogram Cerises handbags for free.
  15. its the orange perf speedy isn't it ??