Lohan and her Gaucho.....

  1. [​IMG]
  2. i love it!
  3. geez, i wonder how many rooms LiLo has for her bags???!!! 0o0o0o is that an LV Vernis Cles in her hand??? hehehe!
  4. Is she wearing pyjamas?
  5. She's really chic! Everything looks good on her!
  6. she's got every bag you could want.
  7. Yes !!!! :crybaby:

    I'd love to see her bag closet.. and perhaps borrow (indefinitely !) a few of them. :graucho:
  8. i hope not!

    I loooove your Dior Glossy sunglasses!!!! I have a pair toooooo! ahaha I want em in white badly. I need black ones tooooo!
  9. japskvit,
    I do not sse a picture!!!!!!!