Lohan a blessing in disguise?

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  1. As we all know by now L.Lo is to be teh new face of LV and as we all cringe to the idea (of how horrorably wrong it is:rant::yucky:) did we ever concider that the new line "Groom" (which is my personal least fav. seasonal line esp. after having great ones like Prefro and charms, Ceries and CB) But did we ever condicer if lohan advertises the groom collection :huh:maybe then it wont be such a biggie! and after they work with her they will realise what a great catch Giselle was lol
  2. Hmm...I heard they took L.Lo off the project..and they were bring back Naomi Cambel....?
  3. really i didnt hear that!!!! yay i lve naomi even if she is a crazy b*tch
  4. haha yeah - it was on the lj community "ohnotheydidn't" - supposedly LV said it was a rumor they had even signed her - it had just leaked to the press that they were just considering her, but went against it.
  5. YAY lol
  6. Yep, Lohan is OUT! yay! Her new movie wasn't terrible but her acting sucked the big one.
  7. it was going around here about 2 mos ago that she's out{?}
  8. Yeah, I remember hearing this a while ago, too.
  9. well i recently joined like (3 weeks ago) s omissed out on that great announcement
  10. They decided not to use LILO afterall, thank goodness.