Logos or no Logos?

  1. Here's a question.. do you prefer bags with their logos all over or those which just have are more subtle?
    putting up some pictures to help you decide!
    lvlogo.jpg lvnologo.jpg guccilogo.jpg guccinologo.jpg
  2. Definitely no logos
  3. i don't really like logos.
  4. Depends on the purse. I like the speedy with logos, but the gucci without.
  5. no logos
  6. Definetly no logos. I find them to be a bit tacky. The only purse I would consider buying with logos is an LV because it is such a classic bag. I love that white gucci!
  7. No logos for me, but I will make exceptions for Chanel's CC on their bags. Somehow they make it look classy instead of tacky.
  8. ^ITA. I like Chanel because they usually only put one "CC" on the bag, and usually it's very small. It's understated, but Chanel is in a whole nother league over LV and Gucci IMO.

    For some reason, the all over monogram just doesn't do it for me.
  9. It really depends on the way the logo looks. I really dislike the Gucci and Fendi logos, but the Coach (NOT the small C's, I like the bigger ones), LV, Chanel...those don't bother me.

    It's not about being obvious about what bag I have, it's more about what I like in terms of looks.
  10. I usually fine with logos. I love the LV monogram because of it's history. I'm not a huge fan of Gucci though.
  11. I really don't like them on bags, I'm okay with them on small pieces like wallets, but not all over bags, I feel like they're all that people look at.

    Chanel of course, is an exception :tup:
  12. No logos for me. Unless they are subdued and/or understated (think CHANEL Luxe Ligne, Onatah/Vienna Vuitton line, etc.). The only bag I have left that has visible logos on it is my Vuitton Oskar from the Waltz line. I just can't bring myself to part with it.:wacko:
  13. I do not seek out bags with logos but some designs with them are fine, such as the Louis Vuitton monogram. That is a classic bag and carries such history with those designs.

    To have a logo for the sake of a logo, no thanks. But if it is part and parcel of a great design or lineage, it is fine.
  14. Definitely no logos and if there is one, I prefer it to be subtle. I've always felt that if I carry a bag covered in logos it's less about style and more about advertising that I can afford to buy an expensive bag. But that's just my preference, of course. I don't meant to put down anyone who likes lots of logos on their bags.
  15. I like logos.