"Logos are out...except for LV of course"

  1. No lie...I just read that on an eBay message board.

    "Logos are out...except for LV of course"

    Ok - some people are very anti-logo...I get it. Yes, head to toe logo is the worst...

    but I honestly think LV is the biggest culprit of "logo-wh*redom" (because it's so easily faked, and made into so many random pieces - sneakers, hats, jackets, EVERYTHING really...)

    oh...well..i guess the same could be said about coach...????
  2. Ughhh- I am really not a fan of LV logo. Seriously, my mom has worn LV for as long as I can remember and for as long as I can remember, I have not loved the LV mono. There's also something about paying so much for a bag that's canvas. I do, however, love the LV vernis line (embossed patent leather). For whatever reason in my eyes, that line doesn't seem to "advertise" the brand the way the traditional mono does.

    Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of siggie in general - I only own a few Coach sig things - 1 patchwork hobo, 1 white and gold duffle and a couple mini sig accessories in gold lurex and khaki. It's all a matter of personal taste . . .
  3. I read that on eBay too, someone asking about Coach Shoes I think, I so bit my tongue!!
  4. Funny. I have a couple mono LVs, but I get the most compliments from strangers, co-workers, etc. on my Coach bags. I don't know why people are so down on Coach - the leather is beautiful and the customer service is excellent.
  5. Same here!

  6. This reminded me of a Mel Brooks movie from the 1970's - called "High Anxiety." Madeline Kahn played a "daddy's princess type" she drove a LV logo'd Caddy. They painted it all over with the logo. As I recall she wore a logo pantsuit and carried a logo bag too.
  7. ^^^^OMG - I love that movie (that and History of the World Part I) Ok, totally of topic, I know . . .
  8. my friend (who owns a speedy) and i went out to the mall one day. i got SO many compliments on my carryall...and she got not one compliment on her speedy. needless to say, she was a bit ticked about it.

    yes, coach is faked. a lot. but lv is rampant. and, i'll admit that if i see a lv, i usually assume it's fake (unless i can get a good look at it)- ESPECIALLY if i know it's a style that is pricier. i see fake coachs, sure, but i don't ASSUME with them, you know?
  9. as another rant...if you say you hate logos, that INCLUDEDS lv. i swear, if i hear another person think lv is the exception to the logo rule, i'm going to scream!
  10. I like the LV logo but an entire collection of LV logo pieces is just overkill! Some people have 15 bags of LV logo...that's like having 15 bags of the coach Cs...no matter what logo it is, too much is just blah.
  11. Funny thing is, if you research it, the "LV" was added to by Vuitton to thwart counterfeits.:sad:

    I also wish counterfeits would go away.
  12. ^but i think different TYPES of logos are more okay. like, a whole collection of khaki sig may be overkill. but to add some black sig and maybe some colors (like a red sig), that seems a little better, imho.
  13. yeah im kinda getting tired of all my coach logo stuff..
  14. Yes, different logos are a great addition to a Coach collection - like the embossed C's - I love those.
  15. That's true, it's just when I think about LV logo, the first thing that comes to my mind is the monogram canvas.