logo vs "no"go!

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  1. although i'm using 2 specific designer names here, it's more about the logo issue that i find myself dealing with right now. i have found a gorgeous ferragamo bag at an amazing price. the leather is amazing; TDF, really and the color is that oxblood color; simply a gorgeous bag with amazing leather.
    the other is gucci...canvas, well-made, and all about the logo...
    i love hardware on bags, the ferragamo has a beautiful bow at the strap with the name ferragamo...the guccis have the gs and the gold hardware...
    for some reason i want to have a "recognizable" bag (which right now i am embarrassed to admit, so please don't yell at me!) yet, the leather on the ferragmo is just amazing, the bag is classic...i guess since this is really the last bag that i can buy for quite a while, i don't want to make a mistake...
    any thoughts or opinions?
    thanks so much for helping me to sort this through!!!
  2. Doesn't the Ferragamo have the classic hardware that tells anyone who knows anything about bags that it's a Ferragamo? Does it have the hanging removable logo tag?
    I think having a bag with initials all over it doesn't tell anyone anything. There are too many fakes.
    I'm sure someone will slam me for a few of these comments, but that's ok.
  3. This particular ferragamo doesn't have that piece of hardware. It has a bow with the name ferragamo under it. You are SO right about the fakes, but, I still get sucked in. And the past two Gucci fabric bags I've owned started to
    Come apart but still I'm in this quandary. How impt is a logo??!
  4. Regardless of logos, when it comes to canvas vs. leather, I am a die-hard leather fan! Hands down, my answer is the Ferragamo. A) It will last you a very very very long time and will remain in style due to it's classic style (site unseen). B) I agree with nascar fan in that logos don't mean anything. Some people perceive that when they wear a logo handbag that others will assume they spent a lot on their bag. Those that can spend countless sums of money on handbags are usually not buying a logo bag. My vote is for the Ferragamo!!
  5. I'm going to try to attach a pic of the Ferragamo. For the guccis you most probably a
    Ready know what the logo looks like!
  6. Go for what you heart wants. Logos or no logos, go for the bag you like the look and feel off.
  7. Put the 2 pictures of the bags on your computer or phone or tablet, and look at them several times a day for at least 2 weeks. You'll know which bag you should buy after 2 weeks.

    Another trick is to compare the pictures to items in your wardrobe to see which pieces of clothing you would wear each with.

    You could also open a new thread with a poll and pics of both bags so that tpfers can vote for the specific bag they would want based on the pictures. Even if the poll is favored strongly in one direction, you'll have a better idea of which one you want with that input. I have bought items that did not get a lot of tpf votes, but it helped to know what others thought about it and relate that to how I felt about the items.

    FWIW, I like most of my logoed bags, but I wear them less frequently because the leather bags go better with my clothes.
  8. Though I don't own any Ferragamo bag I've own some of the shoes and I think the leather is amazing. I'm sure the bags, even more so. I would go with this one... and oxblood is deemed THE color for fall. I've always liked it because it pairs well with black, brown, and everything in between.

    Maybe get something small like a cardholder to satisfy your current "logo craving"?
  9. I think that most designers are going to avoid logos in the near future.
    Personally, except for my Speedy, none of my bags have logos and I like it that way.
    No need to tell everyone " Hey look! I can afford expensive accessories!"..
    I remember when I bought my Balenciaga First all my colleagues at work congratulated me on my purchase. Nobody knew what brand it was...They just loved the bag for its design not for the luxury purse it was!
  10. It sounds like you really love the Ferragamo more. Get it. Those in the know will recognize the brand from the bow hardware anyway.
  11. I totally understand your dilemma. For me, getting over that urge to have everything plastered in logos is something that happened with age and maturity. When I was in my 20's and into my mid 30's, I looked at non-logo'd bags, but always ended up buying Gucci or LV because I just couldn't fathom spending a large amount of money on a handbag that nobody would recognize. In a way, I guess I thought it was a waste of money. I eventually reached a point though, where I started to tire of those bags and yearned for some variety in colors and leathers and designers. My first non logo'd purchase was a Ferragamo bag (I now own two) and the leather and quality is amazing.

    The bottom line is what do you love? Buy what you love, not what others will recognize. Take into consideration that there may not be as many people recognizing your bag as you think. I found that I would get compliments on my Gucci's and LV's and often the person would ask me where I bought it. So, they either thought it was fake and not purchased at the boutique or department store, or they had absolutely no idea who Gucci/LV is. I also felt like some of the compliments were only because the bag was Gucci/LV, not because the person truly liked the style of the bag. One of my Ferragamo's is a metallic blue, and everytime I carry it, I get complimented on it and what an amazing color it is. I much prefer that kind of compliment.

    People who truly love and obsess over handbags (like most of us here on TPF) are going to recognize the Ferragamo just as easily as they'd recognize the Gucci. And as another poster pointed out, the people who are spending big bucks on bags are buying expensive leather bags, like Hermes, and are going to be more impressed by the Ferragamo.

    But it's O.K. to like both logo'd and non logo'd bags. I have both in my collection, but definitely use my leather bags more. Buy what your heart desires right now, and if you choose the Ferragamo, you can always get a Gucci at some point in the future.

    Good luck!
  12. Leather over canvas. I vote Ferragamo.
  13. I don't set absolute rules like no logos or the bag must be all leather etc. Sometimes I like the look of the logo bag, sometimes I like nylon better. It all depends what satisfies you more - the Gucci or the Ferragamo. Buy what you are most comfortable wearing and what you believe is the best purchase for your money at the moment and not what you "should" buy.
  14. IMO, the Ferragamo bow is just as iconic as any logo, but not as flashy as having a canvas monogram. So I think you'll still be able to satisfy your desire for having a recognizable bag even if you buy the Ferragamo - and like a lot of others have posted already, I really think you'll get more long term satisfaction out of the Ferragamo. let us know what you end up deciding! :smile:
  15. I agree wholeheartedly. I'd take the leather Ferragamo over the Gucci logo bag. It will be more beautiful, last longer and agree - too many fake logo bags around - so rather than impressing people you may just have them thinking you're carrying a fake.