Logo Stamp on Trapeze

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  1. Hi, i purchased a Trapeze from the A/I 2013/2014 collection.
    There is no logo stamp inside, no codes inside. Is it normal? Is it real?
    I've purchased it an reputable boutique here in Italy but now i see trapeze on ebay with CELINE logo stamp inside .
    Help me please!
  2. Im new to this forum as well but I noticed no one has responded...maybe you can take some good pics and post them in the "authenticate" thread and the ladies can help!
  3. I've purchased mine from a reputable boutique.
    There is no logo CELINE or Made in Italy inside. It can't be a fake but i would like to know why mine has not the stamp inside .

  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397560076.894950.jpg

    I'sure it is authentic but there is no logo stamp inside .
    Why ?
  5. Hmm... My trapeze does has a logo and made in italy stamping beside the main zip opening.
  6. Which boutique?
  7. Gaudenzi Boutique - Riccione Italy