Logo on bag + shoes? New Chanel pumps

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Do you think these pumps will be overkill with a black 2.55? I don't know if you can see, but there's CC on both toe-caps.

    I usually don't like to be matchy matchy especially with logos and I debated for a long while over these shoes. I figured the CC clasp on my 2.55 is so small it doesn't matter.

    What do you think? Feel free to be brutally honest ("Tacky McTackers")

  2. I dont think its to much. The shoes are subtle. I have this dilemma too. I have a nice pair of Chanel Sunglasses 6014 with big CC's Cutouts on the sides. I LOVE THEM! I wear them all the time. I am getting a Jumbo Flap in a few months and I think that both might be to much. What do you think?

  3. For some reason I don't mind on sunglasses! I wear big logoed Chanel sunglasses with a Chanel bag. I think you'll be fine!
  4. Me too! You shouldnt worry about the shoes they are cute! They will look nice.
  5. Those shoes are so cute :love: I don't think the logo on them is too in-your-face at all. They will look great with the bag :amuse:
  6. The C's on the shoes are not obviously at all. I wore head to toe Chanel to a wedding ...but dress didn't have logo on it though you can tell it was a Chanel ...simply by material and color and the shoes had tiny C's on them. Outfit was a hit! I think it's only tacky when you have C's all over and very obviously. Your shoes are cute.
  7. I don't think that'd be logo overkill. I can barely even see the CC on the toes;)
    Sunglasses do't count! LOL! I don't even think about the logo on mine, I guess some might think it's too much, but I don't.
    I would never do the ghetto fabulous way of repeating logo shoes, bag, sunglasses, cell phone skin . . . .
  8. Very nice shoes! They are not too much at all, as the logo is black on black, they will look pretty & stylish with the bag IMO.

    (I would never combine a logo canvas bag with logo canvas shoes, neither of the same brand, nor different brands, but that is a totally different thing!)
  9. Pretty shoes. I think it's fine!
  10. Those shoes are drop dead gorgeous !!! I would not have a problem strutting around in those for sure.
  11. I don't think they're bad, especially since the CCs on your bag aren't in-your-face either. Plus, I think your pants will cover some of it and the shoes on your feet are too far away from the bag on your shoulder to be overkill.
  12. The shoes are very subtle. It'd be different if you were wearing huge CC's on your bag and shoes. It's definitely not overkill.
  13. Lovely shoes! I don't think it's overkill, and agree with others that it is subtle.
  14. i think it'll be fine to wear those shoes with a chanel purse. the logo isn't a different color or anything so it kinda just blends in.
  15. Don't worry too much you guy....it's CHANEL for Chanel sake!