Logo Jacquard

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  1. [​IMG]
    Hi everybuddies,
    what do you think of the logo jacquard series?
  2. :tdown: I've never been a fan of canvas bags, be them gucci or prada. I live in a city where it rains a lot, and carrying a canvas bag is like asking for nature to stain my bags. It's so impractical, unless you only eat dry food and are the kind that buys but never uses. Also, the big logo, emblem, whatever just screams "Hey, lookie, I've got me a Prada!". Nonetheless, I love Prada nylon to death and live for patent/nappa leather. :yes:
  3. They're really not traditional canvas fabric like the Venice series canvas print bags. I was not a fan until I found the dark brown, where the logo almost disappears. The fabric is treated and has a really luxurious sheen to it, and has not stained in rain, sleet or snow (at least the dark brown has not) and it has stood up to being doused with a chocolate Atkins milk shake.

    That said, that shape bag seems to be available through a great many of the discounters, so if you want one, don't pay full price. Hope that helps !!
  4. I have three and I love them. I have mainly leather bags, so it's a nice change. =)
    collection 016.jpg
  5. Thanks gals.. Really appreciate your help.:smile: Looks like I need to scout around for another bag.