Logo dilemma...

  1. I am not usually a fan of logo bags...although I do :love: Dior (current baby is the black mini gaucho :yahoo: and I'm also still loving last year's St Germain mini flap bag, think I will love it 4eva) but now I have a new bag crush :drool: and it's on the grey sweet trotter romantique boston...not me at all. I can't actually afford it right now :crybaby: but I don't know whether to save for it or something else...I fear my dislike of logo fabric may overtake my love for it further down the line...and then where would I be? :confused1:

    What should I doooooo?!! :shrugs: Help!
  2. if it helps, i hate logos too (hence my aversion of the LV monogram bags and i always avoided the diorissimo, etc lines because of the logo)

    but the trotter romantique was too good to pass up, plus i find the logo pretty faint in that it looks more like a print design all over the bag than a loud screaming dior logo.

    maybe go to a store and model it in front of the mirror. do it a couple of times and it might make up your mind about it.
  3. I'm not a fan of logo too but I really like the trotter romantique. If you like the bag go for it, if you'll dislike it in the future you can sell it!
  4. I love logos... which is why I have 3 Diorissimos! lol.... why not flaunt your purchase? :p
  5. I like logos, but I feel that I am growing out of them and I don't like the idea of the bag screaming out a designers name. hence, why I don;'t wear my Dior logo bags now and I have moved onto Chanel. However, the logo on the bag ur discribing is very faint and not as noticable and I think its nice.
  6. i would say go for it ! Dior logo is so nicely "in the background" and gentle, its not screaming Dior and those bags are sooo cute ! :drool: :heart:
  7. I have been thinking that the way around this dilemma might be to get a purse (or wallet if you're in the US!) rather than a bag, so then it's not on show all the time...also as I fear the pale colour would get grubby very quickly in London if exposed to the world at all times!!

  8. i would still go for the bag as they are much cuter than the wallets from that line IMHO:heart:...but if u dont feel it 100% than wallet it should be ! :yes: maybe u will like it so much that u`ll go for the bag later :graucho:the only thing i would be concerned about as well is keeping that beauty clean ...:sweatdrop:
  9. I would prefer the bag too. The bags look really cuter like what Nat mentioned.

    The logo is really faint and tends to blend with the white background. Not to worry!

    Nat, so far no dirt on mine yet. Find that it can be easily maintained by just wiping it using a damp cloth :p

  10. oranGetRee i am so happy ur loving your lil Dior ! :yahoo: yeah i gave it another thought and since its coated canvas there should be no problem with keeping it clean if you take care of it regularly :yes:
  11. hi hi dear! yep, i'm loving it. In fact, this babe is always out shopping with me every weekend :graucho: .... I hv forgotten my other bags...
  12. It is a lot of money to spend on something you have reservations about. Wait a while and then see how you feel.