Logo bags coming back?

  1. A year ago it seemed like I didn't see many logo bags on the street, a few LV mono's and a few Gucci's but most were just plain leather. Lately I've been seeing a lot more logo bags- have you guys noticed this too? I see a lot of Ralph Laurens with a little RL logo and I think they're pretty cute! A good amount of Dooney and Bourke DB logo bags in my area too- some are nice, some I don't care for. What do you think about monogram- yay or nay?
  2. ^I'm not too into monogram because I've seen so many horrible monogram fakes. Although everything gets faked these days.
  3. I've sen more logos lately, but not more monogram patterns. I thought it might've been because more companies are recognizing the money in the growing handbag industry.
  4. I don't care for monogram pattern bags. I just cannot like it.
  5. I never thought they were out of fashion, but I just don't care for monograms, myself...
  6. I haven't noticed a lot of logo'd/monogramed bags on the streets of NYC... tend to see them far more often when I drive out to Short Hills Mall in Jersey. I suspect that malls in general have a greater density of women and bags in one space than anywhere else, so I'm probably seeing a bigger sampling out there.
  7. I keep going back and forth. I stopped wearing my LV mono canvas bags because I just started feeling like they were too "flashy" you know? a little too "look at me". I prefer wearing my more subtle bags like Epi. But then I'll see a Beverly LV or a Cabas LV on someone else and I'll think "OOh those are beautiful"! :rolleyes: Guess I can't make up my mind.
  8. i don't like monograms. they aren't very attractive to me. i'm trying to think of one i like, but nothing comes to mind.:shrugs:
  9. When I see monogram fabric I automatically think "fake", even if it's not. So I tend to shy away from carrying monogram bags, since I don't want anyone else to think the same thing about me!
  10. I don't think they're "coming back" personally.
    To me, I see just as many today as I did a year ago or 5 years ago.
    Most designers have a monogram line and people have been carrying them for years.
    Maybe you're starting to notice?
    I know when I had my twins, all the sudden it seemed like everyone had them! LOL!
    It was just because I was noticing them more, there weren't really more of them.
  11. monogram/logo bags just aren't for me. they're too flashy in my opinion, but i can understand why some people adore them.

    i wonder if this type of bag is becoming more ubiquitous now that handbags are becoming more of a status item than in the past. junior high school students and 6-year-olds care deeply about carrying high end bags, and i know it wasn't this way when i was their age! (i'm 30 - older, but not ancient) even here in pittsburgh, the surburban housewives carry D&B and coach bags now, where they really didn't a few years ago. i can't put my finger on what's caused this, but i have a feeling it can be attributed to a celebrity culture obsession thanks to outlets such as us and instyle magazines. regardless - the best way to broadcast the brand you're carrying is through a logo bag.
  12. I think it's more a case of more (and better) fakes being out and about and more people willing to carry them. And the fact that more people are wanting to carry a 'designer' purse so they go for the logo one so everyone knows it's LV or Coach etc. Not everyone is in it for the beauty and the quality like us!
  13. I have always noticed Dooney, Coach, Gucci and LV, but what I have noticed in the past few years is that more and more less expensive designers are making logo bags such as Guess, XOXO, etc... I see those all over the place where I live.
  14. I still see as many logos as I've always seen.
  15. There are alot of logo bags out there but for me I still prefer really good leather. Although I have to admit I do use my LV mono bag a fair bit.