1. For all you old PFers.. remeber loganz... what happened to her> she hasnt been on in AGES.. and her name doesnt have the last time she was on..

    is she ok????anyone know anything
  2. I remember her, but no clue why she stopped posting.
  3. I remember her as well. I don't know why she stopped posting either.
  4. I miss her :sad:
  5. Loganz suddenly disappeared in July, no clue what happened...
  6. wow how bizzare.. she was a mod too right? ( i cant rmeber) i was thinking about her recently and saw an old thread of hers get bumped up so i was really suprised when i realised she hadnt been on in so long
  7. I remember Loganz - can't believe she hasn't been on in so long she was a really active poster - I hope shes ok :yes:
  8. i recall her name too. i hope she's doing alrights.
  9. Me too! I hope she's okay!
  10. Of course I remember her, hope all is well! Loganz come baaack!!
  11. She was a Moderator back when the first few of us became Mods.
    I think her DH runs a website and she got very busy w/ it, or something like that.

    LOVED her, she was a hoot!
  12. i miss her too.
  13. I miss her too! SHe is such a great person, and it was so nice having her around here! I hope she comes back!!!

    Kind of funny how much things have changed around here, huh?
  14. ya- its grown sooo much i feel its soo different then i t was at the start
  15. I've been wondering about her too. I always enjoyed her posts.
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