Logan: Shopper vs. N-S Satchel, Black vs. Burgundy?

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  1. I haven't bought a Botkier in awhile but am really loving the Logan styles and considering either the Shopper or the N-S satchel for a work bag. I tried on the black Shopper at Luna Boston and really liked it. It's quite lightweight and sleek looking. I also like the look of the N-S satchel and hope to have a chance to check it out in person. It might be nice to have a little more depth in the satchel but I'm not sure.

    I've been looking for a perfect black work bag forever, and also like that the Shopper could work well casually. Burgundy looks gorgeous though.

    I'd love to hear thoughts or opinions on these two styles and colors!
  2. I just ordered the Logan satchel in Burgandy and the Uma satchel in aubergine pearl!! Love the new styles. I have never owned Botkier and hopefully I will like the bags. Good luck on your decision--both are nice.
  3. Personally, I prefer the look of the N-S Satchel, but if weight is a concern, the Shopper might be a better choice, since it has less hardware than the N-S Satchel. The N-S Satchel does have the advantage of the shoulder strap, though, so it probably depends on your preference for carrying your work bag with or without a shoulder strap! If you like the extra strap, I guess the N-S Satchel is the way to go, but if you prefer it without and the Shopper fits on your shoulder comfortably enough, then the Shopper would probably be more ideal.

    As for the colour, do you have a dark red/wine-type colour like Burgundy in your bag collection already? Is this a colour that fits in your wardrobe? As for black, do you already have a bunch of other black bags? Colour choice definitely depends on what you already have, IMHO, from a practicality standpoint. It definitely sounds like you have a preference for the black, so if you have space for a black bag in your collection, go for it! :tup: HTH!
  4. I'd love to hear your reviews!
  5. Thanks for your input! Weight is a concern and I like the shoulder fit of the Shopper, so those are pros for the Shopper. I have other black bags, but no work bag that is both spacious and light. I have ordered a Belen Echandia bag in port with silver hardware (darker than burgundy) so maybe I should wait until I receive that before deciding on burgundy. I think burgundy with the antique gold could definitely fit in my collection and work with my wardrobe though.
  6. Logan North/South Shopper


    Logan Satchel

  7. This is a tough decision! I think the shopper would be a better work bag and both lambskin colors are stunning!
  8. I adore both colors and the leather looks wonderful...if you have to get a work bag, I would def. say get the black. Other than that, I agree with starkfan's points. I find that I tend to load my work bags up way more than my handbags (books, files, etc). so I have been happier with then when they are lighter to begin with... :smile:
  9. tonij - Thanks for your advice and for uploading the great pics.!

    loquita - Good point about the weight. I think I need to find out more about the weight of the satchel, but I'm leaning toward the shopper. Maybe if I get black and love it, I'll get burgundy as well.:smile:
  10. Spoken like a true PFer!! :biggrin: I am interested in hearing your impressions of the shopper as well, since I am on the lookout for a polished yet a tad funky work bag myself!
  11. I am going for the N/S Satchel in Burgundy myself, but am waiting until I'm in NY next week to try it out IRL before I commit. I'll post some modeling pics if they have both!
  12. I'm loving the burgundy even though I already have burgundy bags...will have to live vicariously through the ladies here.
  13. I did buy the black shopper and definitely think it fits the bill as a funky yet polished work bag. LB didn't have the burgundy N/S satchel in the store when I was there, so I may go back and check it out to make sure I don't want to exchange before I carry the shopper though.
  14. :drool: The Logan line is beautfiul. Congrats on your purchase citychris! I'm a bit late to chime in, but i would recommend the shopper too for work, just because it seems easier to get things in and out of. And it's definitely not plain! Love the vertical zippers :biggrin:
  15. I just received my Logan satchel in Burgandy and I love it!! Gorgeous, soft leather and tons of space for my stuff!! I recently purchased the Logan and the Uma in aubergine pearl--my first Botkier purchases and I am very impressed. I have a varied collection of handbags from Balenciaga, Chloe, RM, Treesje, Lp etc. and I have to say that these 2 new bags from Botkier are among my favorite--light and easy to carry with tons of room but stylish and do not look massive. I am a fan!!!!:yahoo: