1. Anyone know where I can get Loewe bags?
  2. There are several Loewe boutiques, though they are not as common in the US as in Asia and Europe. There's one on Guam - where I live. I'm planning on dropping by there tomorrow to check out the new bags.
  3. where's ur location?
  4. Spain! its a Spanish brand but i don't know where you live
  5. Can someone who owns a Loewe Amazona post some pix of you wearing it? I've always been in love with this bag from the catalogue my BF brought back from Spain, but haven't seen it in real life.

    Thanks for posting the link to Harrod's!! Now I know I can buy it online instead of making a special trip to Spain!!:p

    Here's the bag I'm talking about:

    Womens Handbag - Amazona - Handbags - Loewe - Handbags - Womens - Harrods.com

    Thanks in Advance! :yes:
  6. Hey padparasha! I have an Amazona! And the one you want is *goregeous*! I'll try and get some pics wearing mine, and post 'em up soon! Amazonas are great, they are very practical and very classy! :yes: