Loewe Senda Bag: Comments?

  1. Just wondering what you all think about the Loewe Senda bag. It's not a huge brand that is massively marketed. What do you think? Does anyone owns a Loewe bag? What is the quality like? Thanks

    Picts from she.com
    030724b.jpg p04050511_03.jpg
  2. Paging Kojiko :biggrin: Shes probably our resident Loewe expert.
  3. hmmm still nothing? just a simple answer, do you like it, hate it, or don't care much for it? :worried:
  4. I like it!
  5. Thank you!:amuse:
  6. Your welcome. I like bags with clean classic looks that stay in style for awhile. I love the red.
  7. I bought one a few months back. Red ,with cowhide texture. Not as bright as the pic u posted. If u r interested, I can send u a pic of mine :smile: I love its sleek shape. But the zip is giving me a bit of problem when i try to access things in the bag! Got my hand srcatched a bit. So now I'll make an effort to open the bag wider b4 i put my hand in :smile: Also, if you want to sling it over your shoulders comfortably, you need to make sure the handles are at the longest position. With the other 2 lengths, I could only hold the bag in my hand or clutch it in my arms (hope u understand what i mean). Nevertheless, I still adore its classic design!! Hope u've got yourself one since u posted this message :smile:
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