Loewe napa aire!

  1. Hullo there! I have just caught sight of Loewe's new spring handbag - the napa aire... in a magazine.

    I am captivated! :drool:

    The design is inspired by the wind and sails, and it comes in 3 sizes and 14 colours (see attached pics).

    Anyone who has already checked it out at the store or (lucky gal) has one?:nuts:
    loewe-napa.aire.jpg loewe-napa.aire_colors.jpg
  2. I love the colors!! so pretty!!:heart:
  3. I really like them but the smaller ones look like Gerard Darel and the bigger turquoise looks like a Baby Cabas. I've never seen them IRL so far.
  4. Funny - I just had a look at a spread (just opened new thread) on it bags - and this one is my favourite!!!!

    Haven't seen it yet but it looks great.
  5. aaww gorgeous!!!
  6. Those colours! Wow, how lovely - this Spring is looking so pretty, first the Tano shades and now these . . . wonderful
  7. I'm liking the turquoise colour! MUST pop by the store to check 'em out when they get it :yes:
  8. The colours ARE so *pretty* innit?! ;)

    I am eyeing the smaller handheld tote, probably in a neutral shade, although the lavender keeps distracting me! Must! must! must! get down to the store really soon and take a closer look!
  9. Popped by the store during lunch, and I love love love the gold colour! :love:

    There are 4 sizes - the largest is like a messenger, with the longest strap. (S$2,790) The next smallest size is kinda awkward IMO. The straps are just long enough to slip on the shoulder, but cos of the size of the bag, I think it looks better held at the elbow.

    The 3rd largest has a longer strap than the 2nd, but not long enough to carry messenger style. The bag sits just right when carried over the shoulder, but looks cute as a tote too! It's my favourite size, and retails at S$2090. The smallest size is like a mini version of the 2nd size, with the shorter handle style.

    The leather, as usual of Loewe, is TDF, and the gold and silver are really pretty. :yes:
  10. Oooh, thanks for that ^^^ - it isn't doing anything for my levels of temptation though. . . .
  11. Hey Nymph! Thanks, the pricing references are just what I was looking for.
    From what you've described, I think I'd go for the smallest and/or the 2nd size. I tend to like totes.

    You managed to find out which 7 colours are in store and which are special order? And the MOST important question - were they running out of the lovelies when you visited the store? *panic*
  12. Pleasure to be of any help!

    I don't remember if there were 7 colours - only saw the gold, silver, black, mint green, and the lavender...

    The store had quite a few pieces - 3 of the Messenger style, and at least another 3 of the one with longer handles (they were part of the store disply).

    As you can tell, my memory's not all that fantastic, so you can always give them a buzz at +65 6733 6477 to confirm and assure yaself! :smile:
  13. Thanks girl! :heart: Will defintely give Loewe a call tomorrow and check!
  14. Hi Guys....is there any other Loewe Boutique beside NY?
    I really loveeeeeee those napa aire bags:yes:
  15. Wow, those are really cute. I love the colors, especially the purple.