Loewe Customer Service Issue - Advice Needed


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Jun 16, 2020
Hi All,

I'm new here and was just hoping to get some advice or possibly just vent :smile:

I purchased a small puzzle bag through the Loewe website last week. As of yesterday it hadn't shipped, and I also found out that I need to go and stay with a relative for health reasons and wouldn't be at home for several weeks to receive a package. I called the customer service line to ask if the shipping address could be changed. I was informed that the address couldn't be changed but they could cancel the order and I could order again with a new address. I was told that they needed to confirm if the warehouse would allow the cancellation and if so, they would email confirmation so I could re-order.

30 minutes later, I had a confirmation email that the order was cancelled and I immediately went to the website to order again. I then found that the price of the bag had increased by £200. I called back and was told there was nothing that can be done, once an order was cancelled it cannot be reversed and they cannot offer me the bag at my original order price.

I'm obviously quite upset as I feel it's poor customer service to advise to cancel the order, knowing the price had increased. I have now found this forum and realised that a price increase was coming and wish I had checked before allowing them to cancel the order!

I've spoken to customer service a few times and they have not really offered any solutions or allowed me to escalate to anyone else.

Anyone have any thoughts on what to do? Is it ridiculous to expect them to honor the original price?

I had been waiting to buy this bag for 8 months and finally pulled the trigger and now feel like I should just accept defeat and look for another brand to purchase from. Would you just pay the higher price if it's a bag you have wanted for quite a while?


Aug 4, 2017
I'm sorry to hear that. They should have honored the previous price. If you really like this bag, I would search other vendors that carry Loewe and see if they still offer the previous price. For example, Net-a-porter and Farfetch might have this item at the price before the price increase. You can also go to different countries on Net-a-porter. I called them before and was able to get things at a really good price from another country.


Oct 10, 2007
This is poor customer service. Do you have proof you were advised by them to cancel/repurchase as the means to change the delivery address? I would use that to keep pursuing the issue. At the very least they should offer you a voucher for the price difference...


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Mar 31, 2013
Oooh dear. That was thoughtless and lousy customer service right there. :annoyed:

If Loewe would offer premium customer service for the premium prices they charge, you should have been either informed beforehand that the same price would not apply, or been compensated in some way for the price difference.
Customer service usually knows of price increases beforehand so it's hard for them to hide under that rock either.

Usually you can change the address after the parcel has been shipped (at least I've been offered this choice - I can't remember if it was by UPS or DHL or both?) via the courier company's web page. The customer service should also know this.

I would escalate the matter by demanding a CS manager or supervisor to contact me, and to give an explanation how this could happen. Many times it helps when you bring up your story on the company social media - it kind of encourages the company to take initiative.
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Aug 8, 2013
Agree with the above, I would ask for the CS manager or raise awareness on social media in this case. Definitely seems unfair for them not to honor the new price. Sometimes there are limited powers given to a CS rep and you simply have to escalate for the case to be taken more seriously.