LOEWE crocodile and suede fall bag

  1. [​IMG]

    I couldn't help admiring the colour. And I think LOEWE is a brand that gets far too little attention, so here's my favourite LOEWE bag this fall.

    What do you think?
  2. I love it!! I've always loved Loewe's design!! How much is it?
  3. ^
    I'd like to know too!
  4. Looks very old fashioned to me. I would have thought it was a vintage bag!
  5. U.S. doesn't have Loewe stores, does it?
  6. ^ I dont think they do.

    I love Loewe, their bags are so well made and classic.
  7. THey have three stores in Hawaii. There seem to be more stores in spanish speaking countries, they have more stores in Mexico than in the US, which is very uncommon for a luxury brand.
  8. There is one store in San Francisco airport.
  9. It is a beautiful bag.

  10. In Spanish speaking countries, Loewe have 38 authorized stores (Colombia, México, Panamá and Spain- 30 in Spain).
    Rest of countries (other language, not Spanish): 125 authorized stores.
  11. i really like it.