Loewe bags questions

  1. I really love this company. I've purchased a couple of Loewe bags in Paris and have cherished them. A few questions please: Why isn't this line in the U.S.? I'm sure it would do well here. Was the line ever in the U.S.? Is there a place to buy them in the U.S.? I have checked eBay, but the selection is usually not particuarly impressive. Thank you for any input.
  2. Thank you for so much for the reply and the article. The above article is dated in 1982.

    I found this more recent article dated July 27, 2002 that notes:

    "A little over two years later, in May 1985, Asprey arranged to establish itself directly on Fifth Avenue by buying out the lease of Loewe, a leather goods store then in the space. Then, as now, the company ensured continuity of operations by keeping the atrium space open while the street-level store was constructed."

    Link to article:

    It sounds as if it opened then closed.

    I so wish they sold bags *somewhere* in the US!