Loewe Bag

  1. I have a mini Amazona signature bag in gold/brown colour in suded leather from Loewe. Have anyone own any bags from this brand?
  2. Loewe do nice bags but I am not such a fan of the Amazona although I understand its an iconic bag for them. I prefer the Senda range myself.
  3. Yes, I have one; a 4 year-old briefcase. Loewe styling is definitely more conservative which is ideal for my work needs but it's a shame that it was not selling very well in London that they closed down all their shops! As for the quality, see pic below for the patina, it is just as buttery/good if not better than my (sold) Hermès box leather briefcase.

  4. i love their new Napa Aire bags...sooo light, just like the name suggests, very airy. made of lambskin and in vibrant colors.
  5. OMG!!!!! These bags are TDF!!!!!!:love: I never heard of them!!! Where are they sold??? TIA!!!:smile:

  6. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  7. my next...
  8. I lust for a Loewe Amazona in medium - in black nappa leather, with the Loewe logo embossed right smack in the middle.

    Have been for the past... year? It's one of those bags which I want, but doubt I'll ever have enough funds for it :crybaby:

    P/s Bee...Bee, did you get find a replacement for your briefcase? :p
  9. Napa Aire bag is very light and come in many colours. I saw a lady carry this bag in beige colour is look so nice on her. They have other special colour to choose if you don't like any of the standard colour they have at the boutique and take about 2 weeks to collect. I forgot to see is make from where.
  10. Hmm. Am in Barcelona this week and will head to one of their shops to check out the napa aire. Looks nice in the ad.
  11. ^^^Please let us know what you think!!!

    Can you buy these in the US?

  12. That is the most beautiful briefcase I have *ever* seen. *Wantsies* :love:
  13. I think this is very nice and in a special shape and can go along with any outfit. They come in 2 sizes. They have outstanding colour. In Singapore is selling good. Not very sure whether US have this design.

  14. hi all, i'm in Taiwan so i find Loewe bags in department store counters or at local Loewe boutiques. the standard colors are great, and the additional colors are fun (like pale green, powder pink, etc.)

    they come in 4 diff sizes i think. my friend wants the largest one in black, and i want the largest one in this coral pink/red color. but they're sooo expensive in Taiwan (selling for about USD$1520), i think they might be priced more reasonably in the States?
  15. I just saw Napa Aire in HK yesterday. They have three sizes in the shop. The medium one is selling for about HKD9900. I thought it is pretty expensive for its simple construction. For your pricing reference. :smile: