1. Has anyone been to any of the Loehman's stores that had the great Trenino frenzy a while back? I'm curious as to if there has been anything at those stores since then? Thanks!
  2. I just went to the Loehmann's in Oak Brook, Illinois last weekend. They have the same Citta & CR Treninos and Citta Scuolas that were there a few months ago. Totally not selling.

    And they didn't have anything new, or else anything new sold out before I got there.
  3. Thanks! I'm coming up there for a meeting at the end of the month & wondered if it was worth checking out or not.
  4. do loehman's ship? I from dfw,tx and there's not one around here. thanks!
  5. In NYC the two Loehmann's in Manhattan and the one in Riverdale have pretty much dried up. Riverdale sold the last remaining Arancia Zucca that was on clearance a few weeks back. I'm wondering if they will be carrying anything else after those.
  6. i haven't seen anything at the Loehmann's in Virginia either...x_x;; so sad...
  7. There were some Arancia Zuccas and BV's at the Beverly Hills Loehmann's that have been there for months. They are a little dingy around the edges.