1. has anyone found good deals at loehmanns? if so, on what?
    i rarely go there but i've seen a couple coach pieces there...
  2. Just got a 4x7 Pink Leather Coach Planner yesterday from Loehmann's. It was $99, got 10% off for getting the free "shopping card" and had a coupon for $20 off. Bottom line, total cost was $74.16 (original price $208). I check there every so often for Coach. It's worth going there.
  3. The one in Beverly Hills always has awesome Coach and other designer goods. In fact, I think that loehmann's gets the latest and greatest merchandise. I have gotten tons of great things there.

    I went to another loehmann's when I was in Seattle and it was crap. They barely had any selection and nothing high end.

    So I think it depends on where your Loehmann's is located.