1. Has anyone ever purchased bags from Loehmann's, I have seen Sig. pieces at discount prices and other styles that are at marshall's and TJ Maxx that are priced cheaper, they also have a $10.00 off purchases of $50.00 or more going on right now thru the end of May with the coupon. I'm wondering if these discounted prices are about the same or cheaper than outlet stores. (I'm am trying to decide if I want to make a 3 hr. trip to an outlet or just try and find something at Loehmann's which is an hour away) Thanks for your help.:smile:
  2. I buy Michael Kors bags from Loehmanns' via Smartbargains.com and have had very good luck, never bought Coach from there though
  3. I've found great shoes and jewlery @ Lohemans and I've seen coach itmes there before, but, have never purchased coach from Lohemans before. They seem that, at least the ones near me, to never have anything new...like 2 or three seasons past. Maybe the ones near you would have a better selection :smile:
  4. i have seen coach there tons of times! I love loehmans good prices on handbags
  5. Thanks, I've decided to go to Loehman's, I called tonight and the store near me has got some Sig. pieces plus other styles and that they are going to put a few more out in the morning. Plus with the extra off coupon I'm hoping I can find a good deal. I bought a marc jacobs madras red tote reg. price $198.00 (I think) and they had it marked for $99.00. So I hoping I can find something Coach.
  6. I heart loehmanns. Everytime there is construction going on I think "I hope they put a Loehmanns in there".. sadly the closest one is about an hour and a half away..

    Hope you get something good!
  7. u know whats funny...i once saw a coach bag there...actually ive seen multiple coach bags that have the factory tag on them!!!! haha made me go HMMMMMMMMMMM!
  8. I love Loehmanns. Just to give you a heads up, they have a 15% off online coupon that can be used 4 days before or after your birthday. I'm not sure if they check your drivers license for it though.
  9. Thanks my B-day is in June!!
  10. ATTENTION! (lol, jk!)- fyi...

    I was at my local store yesterday and they had TWO Butterfly Motif Frame bags. http://www.purseblog.com/styles/bagbits/ Second one up from the bottom of the page.

    They also had a lot of mini-signature demi's/mini hobo- pink, sea blue and pale blue. They also had this one http://cgi.ebay.com/Coach-Fushia-Hot-Pink-Mini-Signature-and-Suede-Handbag_W0QQitemZ300101465529QQihZ020QQcategoryZ63852QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    They still have one of the Bubble large totes with the fish on it. As well as numerous pink bags.

    Keep your eye out for Poppy demi's at Marshall's. The only one I saw yesterday was damaged- were selling it for $160.
  11. this place sounds cool. I wish we had one close.
  12. I'm not sure if it's cheaper but I found a Coach bag from Loehmann's that I was looking for forever!!! I was so happy!
  13. I got the poppy coin purse there today for $43!!

    I didn't even know I had a Loehmann's close and I was at lunch with a friend and saw it out the window! It must be new, I've never noticed it before.
    Anyway, they give you 10% off for signing up for their Rewards Card (emails and mail about specials).
    They also had the poppy wristlet/clutch for $70 ($63 with discount). Also saw other poppy stuff, fish bubble stuff, pleated hobo, and a hampton's weekend tote.
  14. ^-- that's awesome. They are constantly sending me coupons but it's too far away for me to go, say, after work or something.. it's more of a weekend thing (or a day when I'm "out sick") :nuts: