Loehmanns Sale

  1. For those of you that are in the Atlanta area- they are doing an extra 10% off all items on Friday 4/6 from 9-12. If you have Loehmanns' bucks good for these days bring those too! I saw a few Michael Kors Collegiate bags that were marked down to $199! Also two Gianfranco Ferre bags that were over $1100- for $359. They were both cream and navy-on the smaller size shoulder bags. They also had quite a few of Michael Kors other bags, as well as Elliot Luca, and many other Italian handbags designers. I got this funky bag by Piero Guidi. It's called the Magic Circus bag. Mine is similar but does not zip across the top as this one does, and it's in burgundy color instead. It just seemed fun!:smile:
  2. Cute bag. I was there last week and found a cute MJ bag. Several people asked me if I was buying it. Thanks for the update.