loehmann's red tag 40+10% off!!

  1. Hellloooo...I just came from the Loehmann's in San Diego and they were having a red tag clearance with an additional of 40 and THEN 10% off! They seriously had one whole side of the store dedicated to the clearance. Also the yellow tag had an additional of 20% off.

    I honestly spent an hour just for shoes and handbags. For the handbags area, they didn't have that many variety. I saw Betsey Johnson, one or two Missoni's, furla, and and many more..but no MJ, Chloe, or whatnot. I found a pair of steve madden boots for $20 and a Juicy 3/4 sleeve shirt for $8. Too much for me to go through all in one day. Oh, and the designer area had some crazy deals also. I saw a shirt from 2000 down to 60! unfortunately it wasn't my size. :sad:

    So hurry and go shop! :tup:

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  2. I definitely stopped by one of mine today! HAHA OMGOSH I saw the same thing about the 2000 marked down to 60. I saw a bunch of expensive gowns from $1,000 marked down to a mere $60. I ended up buying two Free People dresses (less than $10), a Buffalo cardigan ($10), tan boots I've been craving ($12!! Steal for me b/c it's real leather!!), and a James Perse sweater cardigan ($20!). No good purses though. I am going to stop by my other Loehmann's and check out what they have!
  3. Wow, I never knew of Loehmanns...I saw this store @ Bella Terra in Huntington Beach,CA..MUST STOP BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. oo there is one here in phoenix just have no idea where it is haha
  5. Oh great, another mission!

    The Loehmanns in my area isnt that big, but I'll have to check it out.

    Thanks for the info!
  6. Theres one really close to me. Sigh....I think I should not go since I am trying to be on a ban. Emphasis on "trying"
  7. does anyone know how long this will last!!!!

    -- i wish my loehmans had marc jacobs or chloe :sad:
  8. It ends January 28! But don't wait too long, things go out FAST!! I seriously went during lunch time yesterday and was swarmed by women on their lunch break lol
  9. dammit!! i wanna go but i have plans after work! =(

    plus i HATE the loemanns on 7th ave. i never find anything great there - is there a much better one in NYC?
  10. no problem! glad you found some great deals!

    yeah, louislady, the one in bella terra is a loehmann's nexxt. it's like a loehmann's junior. I love that place because everything in there is most likely something we would wear and not some old raggidy sweater. KWIM? I'm going to try and stop by this weekend. I commute back and forth from SD to OC for school so I shop around a lot! :p

    fifthofapril, nice deals! especially the dresses and the shoes! I swear I could faint in there trying to go through all the racks. but I'm defn going to try again at another Loehmann's.

    ^^I don't know of any NYC stores. perhaps someone here can answer??
  11. Any Connecticut shopper who know if the Norwalk store has good deals? I've never been, but this post convinces me that it might be worth the trip.
  12. soundjade -- the good loehmanns are in long island!!
  13. loehmann's had some terrific deals when I stopped in there last week...40% off already marked down prices...can't be beat!!! Now with another 10% on top of that...holy!

    My success story: Last week I got a pair of TR cords for only $24!!!!!!!! YES...$24!!!!!! :wtf: :party: :yahoo:
  14. Apparently the online shopping site for Loehmann's is smartbargains.com

    check that site out too. there is a lot of nice handbags... prada, dior, LOTS of Fendi, Gucci, Juicy... etc etc etc
  15. There's a Loemann's in the Bronx too. I believe it's on West 230th and Broadway but I could be mistaken