Loehmann's: Red Star Clearance 40% off

  1. thanks for posting this!
  2. Thanks!
  3. if you can spare the time and bear the crowds, the sale is amazing! i bought 3 Calvin Klein suits (blazer + skirt) for $100 TOTAL (yup, that's right about $33 for each full set), 1 pair of brown pumps for $15, brown slacks for $12, Marc Jacobs green pumps for $50, and 2 pairs of Johnson shorts for $15 each!

    Get thee to Loehmann's! :yahoo:
  4. I got a Michael Kors large shopper in a creamy tan color leather for my mom for her birthday, and it was originally $348-for $48!!!:tup:
  5. Thanks!

    I just got back and came home with 5 suits for less than $200!!!!!
  6. Yay~ I got a Rebecca Taylor top for only $22!!! And Joie shorts for $18 too!! Thanks for the info!
  7. Thanks for the heads up! I got 2 Juicy hoodies $37 total!
  8. Thanks! I just got back and got a pair of Morphine Generation jeans and a Marc Jacobs cardigan for around $60!
  9. Thanks for the information!
  10. I went today and got 2 pair of True Religions Daisy shorts at 23.00 each. =)
  11. wth? i went there and found NOTHING. lol

    but maybe it's because i went at 6:45 pm when the store was about to close and spent the entire day shopping and was about to pass out in the sales rack. haha
  12. yea, you gotta go there the day before these sales and put your stuff on hold to buy the next day or show up the first day early....that's how you get the gems!
  13. Just came from there and I got:

    - Theory wrap around sweater in purple for $23 (ret $265!)
    - Circa Joan & David wedges for $12 (ret $150)
    - 2 textured tights for $3 each
    - ViX bikini for $15

    Needless to say, I went home a happy camper! ;)
  14. I went back today and picked up a pair of Tahari sling back pumps for 12.00 (retail for 150) woo hoo!! Selections is getting slim...:tup: to those that haven't head out, better go soon.