Loehmann's Oak Brook, IL

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  1. OK, I was just at Loehmann's in Oak Brook, IL about an hour ago. They had:

    2 Citta Treninos
    2 Foresta Treninos
    3 Citta Rosa Treninos
    10 Citta Scuolas
    1 Citta Canguro
    1 Citta Portatelofono
    3 or 4 Citta Braccialettos
    1 Foresta Braccialetto
    1 Arancia Ciao Ciao
    1 Arancia Nuvola
  2. Did you pick up anything?
  3. Did you catch the price on the Scuolas? I want one soo bad!
  4. i was there yesterday and had the one braccialetto with sandy's boyfriend on it and a scuola on hold. i was going to shop across the street at the mall and figured i'd think about it. well, i came across three of the stellinas you brought back there (i think that was you!) and saw that they were marked down so i picked those up to spread the tokigoodness!!! (2 for friends and one for myself!) needless to say, i had to put a stop to my spending and decided against the ones at loehmanns.

    did you buy anything? please tell us!!! i was surprised to see the foresta treninos there. i bought the last one when i was there before so those must have been returned. they were actually pretty nice looking too!
  5. I'm pretty sure they were $114.99.
  6. Yep, that was me that returned the Amore Stellinas to Macy's Oak Brook. I'm so glad someone from tPF found them. :wlae: I didn't hoard them afterall... I helped get them to you. But I can't believe they were marked down, I paid full price. Oh well, I got my pick, I can't complain. And I guess since they don't normally carry them in-store there, they really didn't know what to do with them.
  7. I walked around with a Foresta Trenino in my hand for a while, but in the end, didn't get it. I wasn't totally in love with the pattern placement. But with the 20% coupon... that would bring it down to half-price. Hmmm... I'll have to give it some more thought.
  8. Amore stellinas marked down? Omg, to how much! I dont have any stellinas, aside from the lil mirror, but that doesnt count!
  9. Do you know if they charge send? and did they have any citta rosa in?
  10. Sorry, I don't know, I've never done a charge-send from anywhere.

    Yes, they had 3 Citta Rosa Trenino's (see the list in the first post)
  11. Missed that :rolleyes: sorry!!! silly me
  12. ohh..Hoot..how much was the stellinas ? In amore..wow...you guys got great deals. COngrats
  13. which braccialetto had sandy's bf on it? lol and wow marked down? I really need to go to the mall now :sad: too bad I'm not in the OC anymore... but I found out I'm heading up to Santa Maria this weekend to visit family
  14. i thought that was you! yes, you did help get them to me and it got to others as well. isn't that great how that works??? thank you so much. don't feel bad about the markdown. you got first pick and you didn't know that was going to happen.

    macy's stores are very strange. i did the same as you and ordered multiple adios star gioccos and pirata stellinas for print placements, returned the ones i didn't keep to a macy's that doesn't carry toki as well, and they're still full price. so everyone is different.

    i won't say how much i got them for because i don't want queenlouis to feel bad. is that okay?

    tehlilone - it was a citta that had sandy's boyfriend and then it also had the moofia looking character with the gun. it was very nice and i think i would have gotten it but i have an inferno braccieletto with the yellow ipod girl on hit and it is very similar in color.
  15. Don't worry, I won't feel bad. I'm just happy that I got a placement I wanted (with lots of Adios & CiaoCiao on the front). - But anyway, there aren't anymore left are there? I returned 4... sounds like you got the last 3... someone else must have bought the other one before you got there.

    Heehee... maybe I can return mine and immediately buy it back at a discount.:graucho: