Loehmann's/Macy's San Diego

  1. This is to hopefully save some people some gas $$! Here is what I found in San Diego today Sat. 6/8.

    Loehmann's San Diego:

    Mission Valley Mall:
    2 Citta Treninos $194.99
    4 Citta Scuolas $114.99

    San Marcos, Grand Plaza:
    1 Citta Scuola

    No Tokidoki on sale @ Fashion Valley Mall and North county Fair Mall. At North County, they had boxes under the sale tables hidden under the tablecloths with more sale stuff. I checked all the boxes like a crazy person! Still no Tokis hiding there. They had some regular LeSportSac stuff on sale, but it was very fugly!

    Yes, I drove all over the place today because I was running errands anyway. Sorry I didn't post earlier, but I didn't think people were too interested in citta stuff. At least it might save you a trip to those two Macy's since calling ahead seems to be futile =(
  2. thanks for the info! :]!! did you stop by the impulse department today when you went to macy*s fashion? i was working from 130-close! :x
  3. i miss north county :sad:
  4. peachxfuzz: I didn't know you worked at Macy's! What's the impulse dept.? I'm getting old, so I'm not very knowledgeable sometimes lol

    tehlilone: Northcounty is the most confusing mall ever! There's good stuff there though. =)
  5. ladybugpoop: what makes you say that? lol
  6. The way the mall is designed confused me a lot when I first moved to San Diego. It's 3 stories but one floor isn't directly on top of the next, it's almost like how stairs are stacked, kinda off-set. It also has different wings that adds to my confusion. I lose my sense of direction pretty easily to begin with so I got really messed up there!

    The bright side is that I usually find pretty good sale stuff there, but no toki sale stuff =(
  7. I went to Loehmann's in Mission Valley today (Sunday). I saw 3 Citta Scuola. I returned a Citta Trenino with pretty good placement.

    At Macy's Mission Valley, I found an Inferno Dolce on the sale table. Not sure I will keep it. It was marked down to $60 with an additional 15% if purchased with a Macy's card.

    I also went to the TJ Maxx in Temecula, no Toki to be found there. I was happy about trying Pinkberry though, so I was not too disappointed!

    I have been to TJ Maxx in Encinitas as well. Nothing.
  8. what I always do is this... start at top (or bottom) go until the middle... go down/up the escalator keep going in same direction you were walking... go down/up escalator... go to middle... go up/down escalator... go up/down escalator and continue in direction you're walking

    you get thru the mall w/in an hr if you're just walking that way :biggrin: plus you hit all the stores ;) you just have to think of it as two 2-story malls since it looks like this
    solid lines being the floors
  9. lol! I'm more used to Northcounty now, but my first few visits there were troublesome =)

    toadflower: I didn't see anything at the Temecula TJ Maxx either. But you are so lucky you found an inferno dolce! I love the inferno print!

    Pinkberry is good to! I went there for the first time a couple weeks ago. I thought it was a boba shop but it's frozen yogurt. It's all good!
  10. haha that's good... I just thought I'd share my method w/ that mall... I haven't been there in a while but I know they switched stores around...

    where's pinkberry btw?
  11. Many thanks to ladybugpoop, tehlilone and leen619 for posting your Toki findings in SD. It helps me from running around all over SD. Since I started reading this forum, I have found myself in a Toki-buying frenzy. It's so crazy.

    Pinkberry is off of Winchester Rd in Temecula, close to the 15 Freeway exit. I kept hearing about it, reading about it and went to try. I had their shaved ice with plain yogurt, mochi balls, shaved ice, banana, kiwi, strawberry, pineapple and sweet condensed milk syrup. It was yummy!