Loehmanns insider Points

  1. Loehmanns insider points start today! I just bought my daughter a pair of Christian Dior Ski 6 Sunglasses in Pink for $40!!
    Her birthday is on Saturday and she is gonna flip! Lots of new merchandise, check it out!!

  2. nooo! i must get myself to loehmanns SOON!

  3. Go quickly!! Such deals! I just gave them to my daughter....I couldnt wait! LOL She is still freaking out!
  4. is there a loehmanns in LA?
    will somebody be kind enough to pm me?
    thanksss ^^
  5. Check out Loehmanns.com and do a store directory search.

    Good luck
  6. thanks dear..
  7. Your welcome.....

  8. :huh:
  9. There is a great one by the Beverly Center. I haven't had the chance to check it out, but I have heard great things.
  10. Wait what? Where is this? I want shades! AH!
  11. I don't really like the lohman's - its always messy, dirty and the items are messed up. :sad:
  12. My loehmanns is kept very clean and nice! I will make sure i get there this week!
  13. I LOVE Lohemans!! I store my coupons and forget when to use them!! Thanks for the reminder!!
  14. I havent been here in a while , i wonder if the one near me is still open i
  15. I love Loehman's! I got myself a new black dress and skirt for work a couple days ago =)
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