Loehmann's in Fair Lakes, VA

  1. Hey y'all! I just went to the Loehmann's in Fair Lakes (Fairfax, next to DC) and they had 2 Citta Scuola's, and 1 Citta Portatelephono. I was going to get the Portatelephono, but the placement was sucky. There were no characters lol. Somehow they print placement was just a cloud and a car... it was weird! Actually, Adios on a motorcycle was on it but covered up by the mesh. But the Scuola's were really cute, so if you're in the area and looking for either one of those check it out!
  2. I think you mean "Citta" print not "Transporto"? Transporto is not even released yet, not until late summer/early fall.
  3. Ooops yeah Citta lol. I fixed it! I wish it were Transporto!