Loehmann's in Denver

  1. I know there is at least one other person from Colorado here so thought I'd post... Loehmann's in Denver had the following as of 5:00 Frdiay evening (I've been away since then and unable to post):

    4 Citta Scuolas - $114
    1 Citta Portatelefons - $54
    1 Arancia Ciao Ciao - $104

    A scuola and a Bracialetto came home with me.....

    I sure which I'd know that Loehmann's carried toki 2 or 3 months ago when maybe I could have found Foresta or Playground....
  2. DreamsOfToki, What print of scuola & bracielleto did you get. Post some pics pls.

    ohh. my friend wants an Arancia Ciao Ciao..but with shipping & paypal fee..I dunno if she still wants it.
  4. you know.. i keep Thinking that loehmanns just got in the tokis, cause when i went one day they lady said they just got them in recenlty and another lady buying a citta rosa trenino said she was there a few days ago and they had none of that.

    so perhaps you didnt miss out on too much! or any at all