loehmann's in Beverly Hills,CA

  1. They have the following in stock

    3 Foresta Trenino
    10 Citta Trenino
    15 Citta Scuvola
    4 Citta braccialetto
    2 Foresta braccialetto
    3 arancia bv
    4 arancia zucca
  2. No fair, I called 1 Loehmann's by my house... and dropped into another one. No Toki's! :tdown: And most of the Macy's and Nordstrom's around here don't have any either. :crybaby:
  3. Oh i'm jealous!
  4. they're now down to 2 foresta trenino...:angel:
    6 citta rosa trenino
    1 citta trenino
    a ton of citta scuola
    at least 6 arancia bv
    at least 5 arancia zucca
    the braccialettos were still there, too
  5. thanks for posting this! hopefully the one in sacramento has some good stuff.

    if i call, will i be able to get much help? there are probably other people calling, so i should get someone who knows what i am talking about, right?
  6. Hi there, thanks for the info! It took me about 5 hours to get to the Beverly Hills Loehmanns and back home, but here is what I saw was left (as of 6:15pm, they closed at 7pm):

    No more foresta trenio
    1 citta trenio (grey) $194.99
    3 citta trenio rosa $194.99
    1 arancia nuvola $119.99
    19 citta (grey) scuola $114.99
    13 total arancia BV and zucca
    1 foresta cangurino or canguro (I couldn't tell!)$69.99
    2 foresta braccialettos $29.99
    4 citta braccialettos $29.99

    The foresta "fannypack" suddenly appeared, because it wasn't there when I first walked in. I must have looked really ridiculous because I was carrying around about 5 different toki items and my own inferno gioco. I was looking for a mirror everywhere in the store and people were looking at me like WTF! Anyway, thanks for sharing the toki info, I had a fun sunday!
  7. Ladybugpoop: So what did you get ? Hehe..yeah..me too..ppl always look at me in a funny kind of way when I am shooping for tokis.
  8. I bought two treninos because I couldn't decide. I figure that I can return one later, but it was SOOOOO hard to choose!!! I bought the last foresta trenino and a citta rosa trenino. I'm having second thoughts on the foresta trenino because the print placement isn't that great. It's mostly koi and more koi hehe

    I feel so greedy, when I got to the store and I saw the toki rack, I wanted to grab everything! lol
  9. Pls post pictures ! Actually I love the koi fishes too but I prefer the monkeys & sasquatches more .

    Hehe..me too ! I wanna get the Citta Scuola ONLY if it goes down further in price..then I hope I have 20% off coupon to use ! I dont use backpack often but I wanna wear it with my Citta Cucciolo when going overseas.
  10. how did the two foresta braccialettos look? I really want to go to a Loehmann's w/ anything other than citta scuolas :lol:
  11. The Foresta Trenino there did not have the best placement, if you are looking for sandy in the front, its almost impossible to find. Its more koi more monkies in the front...they all had water scenes in the front.

    The foresta braccialettos are not bad, they have good placement. I didnt see canguro tho. lol..must be blind that day. but they got a lot of treninos that day and I was almost certain that they be gone after i post this. lol!!

  12. LOL!! the things we are willing to do for Tokidoki. San Diego to Beverly hills, lol that must have been a long drive. I would have even told you to stop by the Lesportsac store since you are only a block away. Macys over there has lot of L'amore too. lol
  13. Oh yes, kokebon! I drive everywhere in Socal! I was just at the Beverly Center LesportSac a couple weeks ago hehe. I actually drove from Temecula so it wasn't as bad =)

    The canguro was probably a return because someone brought it out after I got there, it was kinda weird, one second it was not there, then it was there! The foresta braccialettos were okay, I think it was a good deal for $29.99.

    My apologies for all the misspellings I made, I was very intoxicated when I first posted the list of tokis and prices. After all that driving, I needed some alcohol!

    These are the pics of the foresta trenino for julicrystal:
    foresta3.JPG foresta1.JPG foresta2.JPG foresta4.JPG
  14. For some reason, one of the pics didn't show, here it is:
  15. Ladybugpoop : I love your foresta trenino ! Congrats !