Loehmanns Bargains

  1. Thanks! I'll wait out for the end of the season sale then- it sounds amazing!
  2. I have never found a thing there :tdown:

    Of course the Loehmann's here is right across from Nordie Rack
  3. I absolutely love Loehmanns and missed when they used to have stores in PA. My favorite has to be the two Max Mara coats I got for $200 each. I also got a gorgeous Bill Blass size 0 black silk blouse for $30. Besides the coats, I've never paid more then $30 for each item. And I love their colored tag sales!
  4. I miss Loehmanns so much! I used to love shopping there, but there are no Loehmanns where I live now. Sucks!
  5. Today was the last day of loehmanns big clearance where they price things at $1, $5, $10, etc. I didn't find any clothes to buy though since for some reason they didn't organize things by size like they usually do. They just grouped things by color. I only bought 3 bras at $10 each. 2 were by Elle macpherson, so they retailed for $60 each, and the other is wacoal.

    For regular price, I saw some mbmj wallets and jewelry, Rebecca minkoff bags ($300+ though), and the usual clothing brands like free people and j brand. With my purchase, I received a coupon for 20% off in April though. I hope it can be combined with my gold card discount.
  6. I got a Romeo & Juliet top for $10 - $69 value
  7. went to loehmanns yesterday and spotted a few goodies. in denim, i saw jbrand jeggings for $39. in purses, i saw a few rebecca minkoff mab's, and there were 2 racks of mbmj bags (around the $300 range) including a dark red hillier hobo. as always, there were a lot of free people items in clothing.

    i definitely plan to go back for the jbrand jeggings when loehmanns sends a coupon out.
  8. Loehmann's is my fave for clothing but I'm not working now and really not in the mood for clothes shopping. The San Diego store doesn't have much in the way of bags and what they do have is usually not as well priced as NR (right in the same shopping center).
    Their shoe dept is very uninteresting.
  9. I wanna check out Loehmann's today. $15 off a $40 purchase through tomorrow :smile:
  10. i just got a DKNY blazer, MSRP $425 for $63!!
  11. I see you're from MD

    which loehmanns location was this, if u dont mind sharing? thanks!
  12. where's that coupon? the only coupon i received in the mail lately is 25% off of regular priced items, but it doesn't start till june 6 or 7. and i didn't see any coupons on the loehmanns website when i checked a few days ago.
  13. the timonium one. it's the only one i know of, and it's close by, so i used to go there all the time. now i only go maybe once a month or so.
  14. thats the one i go to also!

  15. i bought my jbrand olympia jeggings the other day using a 20% off coupon (original loehmanns price was $39). i can't wait to wear them!

    didn't really spot anything new from the last time i visited, but there was a strange incident that happened, and i wanted to see if anyone had any input to share.

    you know how loehmanns (or at least the one i frequent) has some private fitting rooms and also 1 big mirrored room for people to just strip down and share? well these 2 ladies came in and 1 of them brought her son in. what i found disturbing is that her son was not a baby or even a toddler- he was maybe 6-8 years old, and i found it inconsiderate that she would bring him into a ladies fitting room. she and her friend didn't even use 1 of the private rooms, and there were other ladies (young and old) using the big mirrored space.

    any thoughts on this?