Loehmann's Atlanta

  1. Just a head's up that the one at Perimeter got a lot of new bags in. They had many LAMB bags in all different styles- a few cute gray styles I had not seen before, as well as many other styles. They had quite a few Juicy styles that were marked down with yellow tags, too. They also had quite a few BE & D bags that were $350-ish in teal and cranberry as well as other shades. They are also having an Italian designer sale. They also have the usual bags-saw a few Moschino styles as well. :smile:
  2. [​IMG]
    This was one of the styles that I saw...I borrowed from the forum photos-thanks asl
  3. Holy cow! I am so there tomorrow!!! (It's right by my gym!)
  4. Please let me know if they have any Chloe's, handbags and/or wallets or Balenciaga's. Thank you.:heart:
  5. No, none of the really high end bags except for the BE & D bags. I'be never seen Balenciaga or Chloe at any discount place.:rolleyes:
  6. How bout I went to Nordstrom at perimeter today, which I go to about once a month or so, and they had NO high end designer bags?! Their purse department is sooo small....and all they had were Furla, Kate Spade, Coach, Dooney, Michael Kors, and like 3 Gustto's. I literally asked the SA if there was another bag section considering the store is several levels, and she was like nope, this is it... TOTALLY SHOCKED, and then she was all over me bc she loved the Metallic Gustto Cala i was wearing.... They had one in the silver snakeprint at $800, and i just was like yea yall need more bags. No prada, JC, MJ, nothing.
  7. Yeah, you have to go to the Nordstrom at Phipps for the higher end bags. I don't know why they don't have much at Perimeter, because their online bags are great! At Phipps you can find MJ, Gryson, Car Shoe (by Prada), and then other things like Botkier, Kooba, LAMB, etc. I haven't seen Prada or JC even at the Phipps store. But while you're at Phipps there's always Saks, then you can get into some real trouble!!!!
  8. Oo I might have to check that out..I didn't know there was a Loehmann's in the Perimeter area!! I'm right by there!
  9. Yeah, and even this Nordie's doesn't carry the Chloe's unless someone returns a bag...?? What's up with that when they are right there by Saks & NM and alot of their other stores carry them. I think the Nordie's in Seattle is the BEST for highend bags and some of the best deals...does anyone have a good SA at the one here?
  10. I use L'Erin London in Encore for all of my Nordstrom Perimeter shopping. She is THE BEST, hands down.

    I agree that Perimeter Nordstrom needs better bags. I have complained A LOT about this to L'Erin.
  11. I agree about the Nordstrom Perimeter. I rarely see many of the high end bags there and unfortunately I'm too lazy to drive to Buckhead. I saw a Chloe once but I guess it was probably a return since they didn't have any others.
  12. Nordstrom Buckhead has better bags this year than last...Last year the best bags they had were Kooba/Botkier..this year they have a lot more choice. Although, I wish they also stocked higher end bags like Chloe/YSL/Balenciaga..but at least it's getting better :smile:
  13. Agreed about the handbag department at Nordstrom's Perimeter sucking. I usually don't like going to Phipps either, even though it's like 10 minutes away. I wish they carried RM bags....