Loeffler Randall mini rider bag--help me decide!

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  1. Hi,

    My DH offered to get me the LR mini rider bag that I have been eyeing for. I ordered two different color/hardware combos. Before I got them, I was totally leaning toward the nude/gold combo, thinking it would be more classic. But seeing the mint/black in person, it does pop a bit more than the nude. But I do worry about the sorbet color trend will go away in the future.

    What do you gals think? Shall I pick a more classic combo that I am not as excited at this moment but will probably wear more in the long run or go with my feelings at the moment and worry about the trend going out of style later?

    Please help me decide!

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  2. I think the mint is wonderful. For such a fun little bag, being on trend is good. Not sure I'd worry so much about longevity given it's size etc.
  3. Oh my, the nude/gold combo is way more attractive than the mint/black, in my opinion. Very elegant and timeless - yet it seems with just a touch of pizazz. And to be honest, I think the contrasting edges of the mint/black bag make it look tacky.

    Remember: Go with your first instinct.

  4. Just curious, which one did you end up choosing? And how was the quality of the bag? I've only ever seen LR bags online, and I'd like to know the leather quality is like..

    Thanks in advance!
  5. Love the contrast of the mint & black. It looks so fresh.
  6. Sorry about the late reply. I have been caught up in work frenzy! I ended up keeping the mint-green mostly because it is a small bag and for the price point I wasn't too concerned about lasting style.

    I love it! It makes me smile very time I use it. It is quite small though. I can only fit: compact wallet, iphone, sunglasses(no case), keys and lip gloss. The quality is decent but not fantastic. I think the high price is mostly for the design. The adjustable strap is great.

    It is a great spring/summer bag for running errands and shopping when you don't need to carry too much stuff.

  7. Thanks for the reply! The mint is really pretty :smile: