Loeffler Randall Matilde boots on sale!!

  1. I kept it bookmarked because I have been wanting them so badly but I wasn't willing ot pay retail price. However I just checked and Neiman Marcus has them on sale!!! additional 40% off and SHIPNOW will get you free shipping. Only size 5 and 6 are left though. I just ordered a pair I hope they don't cancel my order! *crossing fingers*

    Could anyone tell me how the sizes are?? I ordered a half size up from what I wear in shoes because my feet are on the wider side.. I hope they fit!
  2. omg, that is a really good deal!!!

    I've been checking out some stores and online, hoping to find one on sale as well, ever since a friend of mine got a pair from Barneys and swear they are the most comfy boots she has been tried on this season!

    Congratulations on your new boots! I hope you get it!
  3. omigod, i can't find them!! what's the link?!
  4. ^ n/m, i found them! i was looking through the sales section but they're actually under last call.

    i got them, thank you!!! i've been looking for a YEAR for these and they are never on sale in my size! i ordered both a 5.5 and a 6, although NM livechat says they're true to size. i can pretty much wear both, so i ordered them in the brown and the black (6s were only black), but i really want the brown ones. i hope the order goes through, im so psyched! i wish there was a NM in nyc though, because returning the other pair will be a pain.
  5. same here!! It will be a pain esp with the shipping charges when returning :sad: I am glad you were able to find your size and ordered them!!! we can both be excited together :biggrin:
  6. ^ ha! well, if we both need to make a return, maybe we could plan a trip to the NM in paramus together then.
  7. I just checked the site and I was able to order a pair as well :yahoo: I can't wait for these boots to arrive - that's if my order doesn't get canceled. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. I can't find them. Would you please post the link? Thanks!
  9. ocgirl, I just checked the NM site and the boots were no longer listed. They may have sold out. Keep checking the site sometimes the item pops up.
  10. they're back
  11. I would buy them so you don't have to return them :smile:

  12. I bought some in december and went up a 1/2 size...they fit great!
  13. does anybody know when they have it on sale again??
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    ugh i got so excited but this is just an old bumped thread.

    you will probably get a better answer on the thread that you already started about this same topic instead of bumping a thread from months ago.
  15. lol..im just desperate haha..cant find any sale now..but u r right i guess