Loeffler Randall, Kooba, Isabella Fiore In Last Call Clearance @ NM

  1. only see isabella fiore bags...gone fast!!

  2. Keep refreshing the page!! They are still processing their Christmas returns and have only made it through December 14th!!!!
  3. haha! I saw that too, but right before I typed in my credit card info I started looking for reviews and they were saying the bag was really heavy.. --> http://forum.purseblog.com/deals-and-steals/gryson-heidi-348-a-203010.html
  4. How do you know they are processing Dec. 14 returns? Just curious.
  5. I returned a handbag the first week of December but had never seen a credit issued to my account. When I called to inquire about it, I was told not only that NM was way behind in processing their returns, but that their phone representatives could tell me through what date they had processed returns. I used their return label which has a tracking # on it. That way I was able to call them and find out on what date it left the PO and also when it arrived at their facility. They were so backlogged in processing their returns because of Christmas orders that it took about a month for my account to be credited! I just got it today...thank goodness. They must have received hundreds of returns on 12/10 because it took them over a week just to get through that date. According to their phone rep, they are now up to returns received on 12/14!!
  6. I called about a Fiore handbag I returned at the store (from mail order) and was told the same thing.They are heavily booked with returns and told me the date my return would process to my account would be 2 weeks from yesterday. (I returned it to the store Dec 9 or 12) Soooooooo.........

    Let's hope there were lots of great things returned that will show up on the website!:yahoo: