loeffler randall handbags- what do you think?

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  1. hi,

    does anyone out there own any loeffler randall handbags? what do you think?

    i love LOVE their shoes, and i think i like their handbags, but i'm not sure. if anyone has the hattie, i'm really curious if it's actually easy to use.


  2. I have seen two of their bags IRL, don't remember the style name cuz I wasn't impressed with the bags: the leather was just so so, the designs seemed "off" to me in that the proportions were not balanced and the hardware seemed inexpensive for the price point. These bags were in the retail store of The Purse Store that has a website. I've heard good things about their shoes, which I have not seen IRL....so seeing their bags IRL was a disappointment.
  3. i have mixed feelings about them. i ordered the 'hattie' satchel in white & had to return it because it had already begun to yellow. inevitable with white bags....but over time, not immediately! if it was already yellowing noticeably after only a few months, how bad would it have been a year from now!?

    the only other comment i would have is that the leather is not as carefully matched as it should be for the price point.....they aren't taking care to match the textures of the skins when they put the bag together. it's possible that's a design choice, but i didn't care for it.

    BUT....the designs are gorgeous, and everything else i own from them (all shoes, but way too many pairs) is very high quality, so i sort of hope my experience was an anomaly.
  4. hm, i'm surprised people aren't more excited about their bags. most girls i know are gaga over their shoes. maybe people just aren't biting.

    for me their bags are really cute, and subtle- like their shoes, but they don't look that distinct. maybe that's what women want when it comes to shoes, but not necessarily bags? i don't know.

    really good info to know about the hattie though, thanks.

    has anyone seen the new fall line? i was on their site last night, and just noticed that they have the new linesheets up for fall- handbags, shoes, AND clothing (which is lovely).
  5. Greatly disappointed when I got the bag I ordered from NM. It was supposedly in deerskin and it was just plasticky. The workmanship seems poor. The lining was fabric/gold lame and definitely not worth the money it commanded. I returned it the next day...
  6. Hi everyone!!! I have the Loeffler Randall in Woven Hattie (Dark Brown). I really really love the way it looks on- it's kind of boho city chic (with the braided straps and pebbled leather). I can actually say that it's my favourite bag of all the expensive bags I have. Unfortunately, maybe because I use it so often, the woven part is started to wear out, and one of the weaves actually snapped in half. I had to go to my leather guy to repair it. So I would say that design-wise it's absolutely impeccable but I wish I could say the same for the quality of the leather.
  7. From what I saw IRL, stiff and expensive. At times, overvalued.
  8. This is an old thread but I just got a Hattie in Patent Nude at a boutique warehouse sale for $250. I'm sad to hear the negative reviews but I think the bag is just darling. I like the way the straps are all looped and twisted, making it feel organic. Since my leather is patent, it's not soft. anyway, is there anyone else out there with a hattie?
  9. I just purchased the hattie in canvas w/black patent. I was wondering if their quality has improved since this thread started...of course, I got it for a $100 steal, so it will live up to the price i paid for it, but curious still since it retails for $500+