Loeffler Randall for Target - Have U Seen Them?

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  1. Has anyone seen the Loeffler Randall for Target Accessory line yet? It's not scheduled until 12/30, but browsing through the website today, I found all of the items and some of them are available online now and in some stores. I'm actually stopping at Target on my home tonite & will look to see if they have them yet. I really like the shoes, but those aren't available yet (it says 2-6 weeks). The bags, however, are available.

    I've been liking the large tote that I've seen in several mags, but looking at the pics, I'm kinda liking the woven satchel as well as the chain clutch. Unfortunately, like all the other Accessory lines, these aren't leather. :tdown: I just don't understand why they can't do these "Designer" lines in leather. Target DOES carry leather bags and shoes for <$40. From what I understand, these Designer lines are still being made by Target - the only thing the designer has to do with it, is to actually design it, so why can't they be made of leather???

    If anyone's seen them IRL, please let us know your opinions


    Woven Satchel - Cream and Brown Patent

    Tote - Brown & Cream

    Woven Clutch - Brown Patent & Cream

    Chain Handle Clutch - Rose Gold & Brown Patent

    Clutch - Gold Python (shown), Linen, Rose Gold & Brown Patent
  2. Wow, i really like the 3rd clutch- i'll be on the outlooks for these.
  3. unfortunately i haven't seen these in stores yet but i am lovingggg the woven satchel!!
  4. Both the bags are very cute, however, it's best to wait on items like this. Seeing as though they are 50% off salebound within a month or two.
  5. I really like the cinch flats! I wish they were real patent leather though. They are so cute, but the synthetic leather just is not as comfortable.

    I have one of the fake leather bags from the line Rafe did for Target. It's good to carry in the rain etc. and these ones are cuter than the Rafe ones I think.
  6. I wouldn't want to take a chance that the one I want might be gone - you have 3 months to return something to Target - if it went on sale for 50% off, I'd just buy another one and return it with my original receipt.
  7. I've seen these in my local Target stores the other day. The woven satchel looks good but it was difficult for me to hang it on my shoulders. I bought the clutch (last one shown) in Rose Gold.
  8. Is the bag soft or is it stiffer? Is it a good size bag, or on the small side? The pics make it look smaller, but according to the measurements (15x10 1/2) it seems fairly large. I do like the larger tote, but now that I've seen the woven bag, I think I like that one better (hopefully, my store will have them & so I can see them IRL)

    Did you see the clutch w/chain strap? That's the clutch that I like - I love the softer ballet slippers and the peep tote flats in black - I don't know if those are in stores yet, but they're not available on the website yet (Oprah included the cinched ballet flats on her January O List and the [tote] bags were included in an article on the "Best for Less."
  9. Looks cute.

    I like the two metallic clutches and the gold/rose open toe flats. My shoes can match my clutches but then who does?

    I heard your shoes are supposed to match your bag but I never do that. Does anyone? Plus I think it would be tacky to wear a leopard purse and leopard shoes or red purse and red shoes. The whole point is to make one of them pop right?

    Anyways, you never know until you try them on for yourself. I have seen previous designers for target and it looks cute and all but then when you try it on some of them are blahhhhh! Its mostly the fit and plus you want to feel the material some of them feel cheap. A while ago when Luella or something did it I bought the lavender babydoll tank and it didn't last, after a few washes it started to tear at the bottom hem with a bunch of holes like a moth had a very good lunch with my shirt!

    I'm going to keep an eye out for them...
  10. The woven satchel is a tiny bit stiffer, but not too bad. It's more wide than tall so if you're a bit of a heavy packer (like me) the bag will get thicker. The store had some stuffing in it and it was difficult to hold it comfortably. The larger tote is nice looking IRL but it doesn't fit on my shoulders. Maybe it's my thick arms, but it was difficult to slide it on my shoulders. :smile: I did also see the clutch with the chain. The chain strap is not my style but it was very pretty. I also didn't care for the opening of the clutch with the chain strap. You had to pry it open, it's a bit hard to describe, but it's like those coin purses where you squeezed the two ends and it opened up.

    As far as the shoes I didn't see it in the store yet.

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  11. Very cute stuff. I don't usually wear more then very casual looking bags but these are really nice. I'll have to check them out.
  12. I was just reading my Vogue a few minutes ago and saw an ad for the Woven satchel- I think it's really cute and very affordable at $50! :tup:
  13. The flats are already in my local Target, but the bags aren't.
  14. I saw the bags and the cinched flats at my Target store yesterday. I absolutely LOVE the shoes. I tried them on (rather quickly) and they are soooo comfortable. I will be heading back there at the end of the week to pick up a couple of pairs! I wish they had the peep toe flats, but I have a feeling those will only be available on the website, or HTF in the stores (just like the peep toe pumps that Hollywould made - I NEVER found those at any Target store and I looked at about 5 or 6 of them!)

    I did like the woven satchel, but I liked the cream color better than the brown. The brown bag has a patent finish which gives it a slightly cheaper appearance. I think the woven detail looks better with the matte finish of the cream color although I wonder how well it will hold up, since it isn't made of leather. The size is accurate in the pic - it's a shorter bag but rather long. Definitely meant to carry on your arm, as it has an awkward fit on the shoulder (and much too short a drop for my personal taste)

    The larger tote looks nice, although again, the patent finish of the brown gives it a more inexpensive look. They didn't have the cream colored one, so I really couldn't compare them. The Rose Gold chain clutch is just as pretty in person as it looks in the pics, although the top of the bag doesn't snap or zip - you sorta have to pinch it to open it, which isn't easy to do, again because it's not made of leather, so the bag is rather stiff. I have to wonder if the bag will soften up with age & use the way that real leather does.

    I think of all the Designer bags made for Target, these are probably the best looking ones.
  15. I saw the collection at my local target. Must say I would buy two of the bags and maybe the flats.