Loeffler Randall boots -- which to keep?

  1. I ordered the Matilde LR boots from NM during their addtl 40% off sale, and they've arrived. I ordered them in brown (size 5.5) and black (6) because i didn't know which size I was. I really wanted the brown ones in my true size (6), but it wasn't available.

    So now I have them here, and I can't tell how they're supposed to fit. The 5.5s are tight around the toes but not uncomfortable, although it will be a fight to get them to fit with jeans tucked in. i can't wiggle my toes in them at all.

    the 6s are comfortable around the toes and i can wiggle my toes just a little, but there's some heel slippage when i walk.

    i can't tell which ones i should keep! my mom says the boots will probably stretch over time, but i'm not sure (my frye boots haven't stretched at all).

    right now, i love both colors so i can go with either. i'm more concerned with comfort.

  2. if u truly love the brown color more, and u have other black boots, i'd suggest getting them stretched professionally...since you're from nyc too, go to your neighborhood shoe repair, or else spend more $$ and go to shoe service in midtown. streching the foot area have always been successful for me.

    now for the black pair...if u don't have a black pair, i'd say keep both! b/c add'l 40% off is an awesome deal, esp since these boots are still going for full price at Shopbop and other retailers...slippage is not a huge problem since you can always get footpetals or inserts to cushion so that your feet are more comfy and fit more snug. another idea is to wear woo/cashmere blend socks that are thicker than just trouser socks..

    just to make sure that keeping both is worth it, what price did you get them at?
  3. i can't keep both; i didn't budget myself to be able to keep both. they were around $375 each.

    i do have black boots already, which is why i wanted the brown pair. in the past, inserts haven't worked for me, but your point about socks is well taken. i was walking around my apt with them in ribbed tights, which to me feels about the same as thicker blend socks.

    stretching the foot area is an interesting idea though. i worry about ruining the shape of the toe though. what's your experience with that been like?
  4. not one pair has ever been ruined by stretching...but i've only used shoe service before, and they stretch it out with some device that is calibrated, so that it's not just gonna go from a 5.5 to a 7, e.g. when you go pick them up, they'll have u try them on first, and if it's still snug, they'll stretch is a bit more, until you are satisfied and comfortable.
  5. ^ when you had your shoes stretched, was it a minor stretch like mine (going up .5) or was it a feet/shoe shape thing (like the shoes were your size but too narrow, etc.)? and how much was it?

    do you think they stretch boot shafts as well?
  6. i've had shoes stretched for both going up half a size, to some shoes that were just a bit too pointy in the front to be comfy...i've never had to stretch the shaft, but i know lots of girls on tpf do it so their calves fit more comfortably in their boots. if there's a shoe need, shoe service usually can fulfill it. i believe manolo and jimmy choo boutiques all use this shoe repair, but they are probably almost double what you'd spend at your neighborhood shop?

    can't really remember, i think stretching was around $20? i'd say if it's a dear pair of shoes, and you don't want it messed up, go spend a little extra money, but if it's not, then go to your local one...though sometimes, if your local shop comes highly recommended, then why not? you can test them out by having something else done there first before dropping your boots off.
  7. I would keep the larger pair and just wear socks. I have bought some boots on sale that are a little big and in fact they are more comfy when they are a little big and I wear socks.

    If you try to stretch you never know if you will be happy with the outcome.

    Or return both and just wait until you find the browns you really want in the size your really want.
  8. I would consider stretching them. I know these boots are REALLY hard to come by.. almost impossible. and they were such a good price. Since they are boots I am sure the stretching won't affect the look of it too much. The browns are super cute.. go for it! after reading the other girls' posts I am thinking of stretching too!
  9. ^ i'm really curious about stretching, but i've read some horror stories on citysearch about people who take expensive boots (JCs) for stretching to places like shoe service plus, and get them back burnt and with holes because the machine burned them!

    i'm confused about which to keep right now because i need brown boots, but these don't fit. but i'm so reluctant to let them go, because as effinhaute says, these boots just don't come by very often, especially on sale.

    if i keep the black boots, then i'm basically back to square one: brown bootsless. and i have black boots already. if i keep the brown ones, my feet might kill me.

    i need more opinions!! i have a limited time to get them back to NM and it's going to be quite a trip for me to get to a store (having heard NM returns horror stories on this forum, i think returning to a store is definitely the better way to go).
  10. I would return the black pair and as for the brown pair??? I would call Neiman Marcus, Saks, and other stores to see if they can locate a pair for you. Try the retail stores and even try calling the online department. You may find a pair in your size. If not, I wouldn't wear a boot that's a .5 size too small. In the end, if they are uncomfortable and you get blisters, you won't get much use out of them and you'll be out $375+.
  11. what is the official name of the brown color. I'd like to get tan/brown RL boots, but don't want them to be too light. Do you recall which you purchased. Was it CUOIO or TAN.
  12. I'd keep the larger pair. Shoes that are too small will destroy your feet. I have never had a pair of shoes that I've bought and worn snug that have stretched out enough to then be a good fit. You can always wear thicker socks or put in a half insole to adjust a slightly larger pair of shoes/boots
  13. Never keep a pair of shoes with slippage. :noworry:
  14. I don't think it's practical to keep the pair that is a half size too small. I think it would be easier to wear the black ones. You can wear thicker socks and tuck in your jeans comfortably. This style does not have a zipper, so unless you get the browns pair stretched, your feet will suffer and they will be too tight to tuck in your jeans.
  15. Slippage is normal with certain boots due to the leather being hard