Loeffler Randall at Target

  1. The brown ballet flats are kinda cute, but other than that, I'm not really feeling anything.

    I'm kinda disappointed. :push:
  2. yeah i didn't see anything i would buy. oh well
  3. I think the totes are cute, but they go on sale after a month or two.
    I am by no means cheap, but I won't pay full price for a plastic bag. haha. =)
  4. Is this line available in stores, or only online?
  5. On Saturday in store I bought the Loeffler Randall rosette ballet flats in black patent. Those are the only thing I like out of the collection.
  6. vikki- were the flats comfy? i liked those too but my target doesn't have them yet.
  7. Yes, they are pretty comfy there kind of like the J Crew Marsala flats. They just don't have that mcuh cushing in the footbed.