Lodis wallets

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  1. Hiya

    Has anyone ever owned one of these before? I first saw a green mock-croc one in O magazine years ago, and I emailed them last week to ask what the difference between an opera and a ballet frame wallet. No reply, so I knew I'd have more joy from you knowledgeable guys here. I really like the idea of having a 'stiff' wallet, IYKWIM. Are they worth it?


  2. I had a black Lodis opera wallet for years and loved it. I used it as a daily wallet and as a clutch for going out. It finally died when the piping along the metal frame came loose and the repair shop messed it up. I think the only difference in the ballet vs. opera wallet is size and shape. My opera one had more rounded corners. They both come in different sizes though (I think) and at least one of them has different widths and can fit a thin cell phone.
  3. I think if you search the forum you'll find other posts about Lodis (including one I wrote). I had a Lodis wallet that I abused and overstuffed for a couple years, it held up great.
  4. My local TJ Maxx has had a few this summer. The framed wallets are nice but I think may be a bit too structured for me - I'm a wallet stuffer.
  5. Thanks for the responses, all, much appreciated.

  6. I ordered one from Zappos once and have seen them at Nordstrom. They seem to be good quality and hey have some gret designs. I just found it too stiff for my use since I like to keep receipts and such in my wallet.